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Corvus | 13817 comments Here we are!

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Corvus | 13817 comments Any ideas?

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Have you read divergent?

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Corvus | 13817 comments Indeed I have!

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Yay! Wanna do an RP on that?

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Corvus | 13817 comments Sure! Should we make characters or just jump right in?

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Can we make quick characters?
Name: Alanna Quirk
Age: 16
Original Faction: Abnegation
Current: Dauntless

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Looks: mia if I stay

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Corvus | 13817 comments Name: Al Jefore
Age: 16
Original Faction: Dauntless
Current Faction: Dauntless

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The picture isn't showibg is it a girl or boy?

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Corvus | 13817 comments Reload the page, its a girl

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Should we have crushes?

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Corvus | 13817 comments Hmmm, we can let that develop through out

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Okay dokey
Can you start

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Is that okay with you?

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Corvus | 13817 comments Yeah!

Al was sitting quietly, as usual, in her bunk in the barrack styled rooms she and other teenagers were accustomed to. She had a small knife in her hand along with a grindstone that she was running along its length. "What to do... What to do..." She murmured to herself. Al set the knife down and hopped off of her bunk, making sure not to hit her head on the stone ceiling. "It's almost breakfast. Doesn't hurt to get there early." She mumbled. She was heading out a bit to early. As usual, she had woken at dawn, before anyone else in her barrack. She always woke up this early and no one knew why. It just happened. It was in her genetic code. Al stretched her arms in the air as she walked out of the room already completely dressed.

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Alanna woke up in the transfer room and looks around automaticly to see if she had waken anyone up. She sees she had not and climbs down quietly to get dressed. She grabs black leggings and a jacket and puts them on

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Corvus | 13817 comments Al's black leather combat boots pounded against the hard stone floors of the corridor as she made her way through the compound that was her home. She made her way confidently past every twist and turn and curve and corner until she found herself just outside the cafeteria doors. She tugged lightly at the handle; locked. "Damn." She cursed under her breath and then sat with her back against the heavy doors. Her stomach growled and she pressed the back of her head into the door. "I just want something to eat." She groaned.

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Alanna walks into the corrider to see the chassm. She passes by Al as she was sneaking to see the chasam. She freezes up. "I um" she said as stiff as a board

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Corvus | 13817 comments Al looked up at her and puckered her lips. "What are you doing up this early?" She asked with a stone face. "Seems a little early for a transfer yeah?" Al slowly made her way to her feet and walked over. "Headin' to the chasm I assume?" She nodded and pointed. "Its pretty awesome when no one is around it. I've made my way out at night to see it before too. Go on and look at it. But I'm coming." Al smirked and started walking down the corridor again.

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Alanna follows and looks down in the chasam and immidiently her stomach tightens as she gets dizzy looking down at the deep drop. She takes a step backwards. Alanna looks at Al ready for an insult

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Corvus | 13817 comments Al was leaning against the railing with her cheek in one hand. She shrugged at Alanna and then looked down into the depths below. "Startling, yeah." She nodded. "All the transfers usually are." She murmured. "But I grew up with this thing staring right at me. It took my friends yet I still had to live with it." She sighed. "And now im used to it."

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Alanna drops to the ground "everyone of the transfers hate me. I'm a Stiff. I'm litteraly considering to throw myself out into this chasam. I'm the weakling. I'm gonna be factionless" she says, leaving out she's divergent

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Corvus | 13817 comments "Keep thinking like that and I'm gonna go ahead and throw you over myself." She hissed. Her voice was like that of a snakes. "I doubt your weak. Everyone is strong. No matter what. There is always that little speck. Speed, agility, strength, power, intellect. Something."

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Alanna straightens up and pushes her against the wall "listen, I'm gonna get killed okay?! " she hissed "I'm gonna get killed because of that stupid little aptitude test. I thought I wad normal. Nope!"

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Corvus | 13817 comments Al grabbed Alanna's hand and twisted her around. "Don't touch me Stiff." She spat. "I was trying to be fucking nice but it seems you're just another little brat that thinks she knows whatever the fuck she wants." Al released her wrist and turned around. "Have fun trying to fight."

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Alanna stayed where she was but felt a clod hand on her back. Then one over her mouth. Her instincts kicked in as she stayed stiff. She prayed "please be a nightmare" she thought. She felt another hand on her throat

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Corvus | 13817 comments Al continued walking away because no sounds were being made out of the ordinary. She turned down a corridor as she yawned into her hand, "See you later, Stiff." She called with a small laugh. "Training'll be fun..."

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Alanna kicked the person and the person made a loud strangled noise. He picked Alanna up "oh Stiff, you will pay" he hissed. Alanna punces his nose

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Corvus | 13817 comments (I'm going to play as the person)

He grunted as he fist connected with her nose. "Knock it off." He hissed. He moved the hand from her throat down to her wrist so she couldnt moved her arm.

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Alanna struggled but couldn't move. She pursed her lips and tries to sound weak "how! Ow! That hurts" she whines fakly.

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Corvus | 13817 comments "Damn right, Stiff." He growled. He started to push her over the railing. "I hope you have fun hitting the bottom of the pit." He laughed. "I can't wait to hear your body hit the bottom."

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Alanna smirks at him "wouldn't say that if I were you" she kicks his gut and jumps away from him "you want a fight. Let's fight"

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Corvus | 13817 comments He grunts and stumbles backwards a few steps. "Alright small fry!" He shouted. The person lunged forward, trying to grab her arms while rage captured his face.

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Alanna ducks under his arm and twists it. She holds him near the railing. She hisses in his ear "if you EVER come near me again, they're pulling you're body out of the chasam"

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Are you there?))

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Corvus | 13817 comments He grunted as his arms were pulled. "Okay! Okay! I understand!" He cried. "Im sorry!"


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Alanna punches his nose for good measure before she throws him on the ground smirking.

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Corvus | 13817 comments He scrambles off down the corridor with blood dripping from his nose. "What the hell?" He cried. "Fuck you Stiff!"

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Alanna smiles triumphantly and hopes no one saw her

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Corvus | 13817 comments Al was still waiting quietly outside of the cafeteria as the first worker came to open it. "Hey Lizzie." She smiled.

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Alanna ran back and saw Al. She didn't stop to tell her what she did.

Lizzie smiled "Al! Hi!"

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Corvus | 13817 comments "Here to open the cafeteria for me?" Al asked with a soft laugh. She stood up and stretched her arms towards the black stone ceiling.

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Lizzie nodded smiling

Alanna flopped back on her bed

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Corvus | 13817 comments "Good." Al laughed. She waited patiently for Lizzie to open the door and then stepped inside. "Want me to help get the food?"

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Lizzie shrugged "if you want"
Alanna woke up with a note by her bed "watch your back stiff."

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Corvus | 13817 comments By the time Allana had woken people were already flooding through the cafeteria. Al was sitting in the corner with her tray.

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Alanna ran to the cafateria and Peter who was sitiing down tripped her. She fell flat on her face

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