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Scout and Danny

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Here it is

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Hi :D

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What do you want to do it on?

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I'm thinking historical fiction

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Er, on what event?

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Nothing specific, just around the late 1800's.

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Oookay. Wanna double up?

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Double up?

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Like I do a girl and boy. And you do the same

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Sure. But would they be the same plot?

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Name: Shane Sullivan
Age: 18
Looks: blonde, blue eyes, tan

Name: Alanna Quirk
Looks: pale, green eyes, brown hair

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Name: Aurora Hart
Age: 18
Appearance: pale, cobalt blue eyes and long raven hair

Name: Liam Brown
Age: 19
Appearance; naturally pale, amber eyes and short brown hair

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May you start?

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Aurora materialized from behind the town's famous pub, straightening her long red skirt and low cut blouse. With a flick of her wrist, she arranged her hair into its proper wild place and marched down the street.

Liam sat on the cement sidewalk, wearing a grey tailored suit with a white blouse under neath and suspenders. He slouched lazily as he took a puff of his cigar.

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Shane was walking around when he bumped into Aurora "oh dear, I'm so sorry miss" he said "forgive me?" He said. He looks at her hair in amazment

Alanna was selling apples. She goes up to Liam "excuse me, sir? Would you like a fresh apple?" She said. She gave him a small smile

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Aurora stumbled and blinked in surprise. "Oh, um yes." She nodded quickly and turned to leave.

Liam gazed up at the lady and shook his head. "No thank you m'am."

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Shane smiled at her "wait! Can we be friends?" He says to her hoping she says yes.

Alanna frowns "you seem lonely. Do you want a friend? I'm not fresh" she jokes

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She scoffed and looked back at him. "Friends? I don't even know you sir," she replied, not addressing him like a young lady should. "Someone like you don't want to be friends with ladies like me."

Liam sighed and puffed his cigar. "I'm not lonely, really."

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Shane puffed out his cheeks "hmm, yeah you seem like a troublmaker. But that doesn't change anything. I'm Shane"

Alanna smiles "then why are you alone?" She says

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"I'm far from a trouble maker. I'm much worse." She said ruefully and eyed him, nodding as he introduced himself.

"Because that's how my dad went." He replied.

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Shane eyes her "I knew that I just didn't want to be rude. And you are.... Riley?" He guesses

Alanna puffed out her cheeks "well that's to bad. I was hoping to be your friend"

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Aurora rolled her eyes. "I'm Aurora."

"Do you normally make friends with strangers?" She asked.

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Shane smiled wide "cool name. Well, Aurora, now that we've met you're not a stranger. But you certainly are strange"

Alanna nods "mostly with other poor people. But you don't look poor"

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"Strange? How so?" She raised an eyebrow.

"I used to be." He shrugged.

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Shane thought for a minute then said "first, you don't treat me like other people, which I like"

Alanna took a bite of an apple "what do you mean USED to be"

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"Not acting like a proper lady is what you like?" She smirked. "I talk like this because it's safe for me and it's my job," she replied.

Liam raised his hand and tapped is temple. "I have a brilliant mind."

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"Its your job?" He says confused.

Alanna handed him an apple and took a bite of hers "wow"

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Aurora sighed and took a step back. "Take a look at me. My low cut dress, shortened skirt, hair unpinned and smeared makeup: what do you think I do?"

Liam took the apple and twirled it around in his fingers, shrugging.

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(I really don't know what she does)
Shane sucks in his cheeks "oh"

Alanna smiles "yup"

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"It's simple," she said, noticing he didn't know. "I'm a whore." She snapped at him and darted down the street.

Liam chomped into the apple.

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Shane frowned sadly. He slumped and walks away.

Alanna finishes hers "by the way I'm Alanna"

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Aurora stomped down the street and out of sight.

"I'm Liam." He said.

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Shane runs after Aurora "you're not a slut"

Alanna smiles "yay! You're not a stranger anymore"

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"Then what do you call a lady who sleeps with men for money, hm?" She crossed her arms.

He chuckled softly. "I guess."

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"In need of money" he says "you're not a whore"

Alanna smiled "but just saying, I'm still pretty strange"

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"That is no excuse for money! You as a respectful man should know that. I am a whore because I sell my body for money, which is also being intimate with a man out of wedlock."

"How so?" He asked

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Shane clenches his teeth "if you are desperate it is"

Alanna thought "well, I keep to myself, sometimes. I made an exception for you"

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"Oh please." She groaned and shook her head. "You don't understand."

"Why me?"

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"Then tell me what it is" he replies "then I'll understand"
Alanna smiles "you seemed lonley"

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"There's nothing to tell you." She replied

"I'm of that lonely. I'm just alone at this moment." He said

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Shane raises an eyebrow "really"

Alanna smiles "to me, that's being lonely" she says

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"Yes." She nodded

"I have a family. And a girl I'm courting." He shrugged

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Shane examines her "mm, okay"

Alanna's heart sinks "you- you're dating someone?"

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"Are we done here? I'm awfully hungry." She complained.

He raised an eyebrow. "Dating? Do you mean courting?"

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(I don't know what courting is)

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((It's like dating but they didn't use the word "dating" back then))

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Shane nods "let's eat. I'll pay"

Alanna bites her lip "so, your already courting someone?"

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