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The Mark of the Dragonfly (World of Solace, #1)
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Tanecia  (books101) | 3781 comments Mod
Discuss as you read, but please use SPOILERS for those of us who haven't gotten as far as you!!! (Check out the 'some html is ok' box above the post box for spoiler tags.)

Happy reading

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message 3: by Jennifer (last edited Feb 03, 2015 06:01PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Jennifer (featherlashes) While I love steampunk, this particular story was much too young for my personal taste, but I can appreciate it's originality. It's fun and fast paced- overall, I liked it!
Here's my full review:

Charity | 61 comments So far I like it, they just hopped a train. Ann is quite the babe in the woods right now, wonder if that'll change?

Charity | 61 comments I enjoyed this story till the end. The girl with on family gains a train load of it.

Tracey (addicted_to_reading) I finally got around to reading this novel and I'm glad that I didn't return it to the library without finishing it. It's so damn good! The story is completely original and the characters are awesome. They just click, everything was in sync. The writing, the plot, the tone, it was all working for me. I am both happy and disappointed that this was a stand alone novel. It's rare to find a fantasy novel that isn't a platform for a new series. But this was so good that I hoped it actually was. I want more Piper, Anna, and Gee. Speaking of Gee, I loved the romance between him and Piper. Since they're so young, I was worried it would be handled poorly; like most teen books. But theirs was sweet and natural. Gee was such a sweetheart. If only all books were like this one.

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Jennifer, Charity and Tracey, thank you for giving this one a chance. I'm glad you enjoyed.

Tracey (addicted_to_reading) No problem :)

Charity | 61 comments Glad it came to my attention.

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