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Should I read the way of kings?

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Hassan M I don't really mind that it's long and I'm not saying that it's bad, in fact, so far it sounds epic and I'm really intrigued by the description, however it's a 10 book series and only 2 books came out so far, I don't want to read just 2 books and have the wait for the remaining 8 books kill me... what do you guys think? is it worth it?

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Katie This is one of the best books I've ever read, and as much as I hate waiting for books to come out, I would say, yes, read it. It is amazing. It's definitely worth waiting.

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Dereck Short answer: yes
Long answer: yes

The books are great even as stand-alone novels; nearly all of the questions posed and major plot lines of the individual books are wrapped up by the end. The draw of the overall story and the characters is most of what brings you back book to book, as opposed to ending books on ridiculous cliff-hangers that give you anxiety while waiting for a resolution in the next book.

If it was the type of series that relied on the latter I would recommend waiting, but it isn't. Each book is satisfying enough in itself that waiting for the next one isn't as big of a deal.

Raptori It's also worth noting that the 10 books planned within the Stormlight world are actually two 5 book series, kinda like the plan for Mistborn (which was meant to be 3 trilogies, Wax & Wayne novels have now been added so it'll be 4 trilogies).

Cheri I definitely recommend you read it now, its absolutely worth the waits between books as they are amazing. I dont think you would regret it in the end :)

Donna Absolutely. It's fabulous...despite the wait between books.

Divinevodka It made me cry at a certain part with the main character. I honestly think it's bloody amazing, and If I am not mistaken isn't it free on, Sanderson's website?

Do yourself a favor and read it. Words of Radiance, cemented my love for the series. So go and check that out after as well!

Lyndl Yes and yes. Wonderful books

Hassan M Man, you guys made me really excited now and I'm definitely going to read it after I finish what I'm currently reading :D

Dusan definitely u should

Davide I devoured the first one and now I'm reading the second book in the series.
I really enjoyed it from page 1 to page 1000-whatever and, though some clues were left unsolved as a link to a new book, I was satisfied with the way it ended.
And, while waiting for the other 8 books, you can always read it again to uncover all the hidden truths ;)
This was the first (and only for now... my bad!) I read by Sanderson and I am 100% satisfied; I actually consider it the best book I've read in 2014 :)

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Hassan M I just finished the 2nd book, you guys were right, it doesn't leave me with a "I'd kill someone right now if it would get me the next book one day sooner" cliffhanger, and the world building is awesome, one of the best things I like about sanderson.

Thanks everyone for telling me to read it :)

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