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Hannah First character. I hope he's good!

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Angel (angelyh) Name: Issac Walter Stein

Nickname: Dr. Stein, Madman, Lunatic, etc. etc.

Alias: N/A

Age: 23

Birthday: N/A

Sexuality: Straight

Crush: N/A


Physical Description: Issac is actually very handsome man, with brown hair and a striking features. He has a scar on his left arm from a hot poker that his father cut him with.

Personality: Issac is insane and unstable. He has sudden mood swings- happy and elated one minute, outraged and catastrophic the next. He always insists on doing things his way, without rhyme or reason. He has an abusive personality, hitting people with what is nearest if they don't change with his draconian demands and rules. He lashes out at people, insulting them. He's a learned fellow, but refuses to mold to polite society in private. In public, he is quiet, calm, collected, witty, and charming to boot.

Strengths: Persuasion, manipulation, propaganda

Weaknesses: Mood swings, higher power

Likes: The watch, power, and mindless minions

Dislikes: His brother, exotic foods, independent thinkers, and the Queen (Dislikes change with his moods)

History: Issac was born to hopeless alcoholic of a father and a mother who died during childbirth. He was quite talented in science, and entered a competition at the of 17. He won, and got accepted into one of the top science programs in London. His father had died when he was 13, leaving him with his younger brother, Maxwell Roth, to care for. Issac abandoned Maxwell without a second doubt and slowly turned insane, already diagnosed with anxiety, schizophrenia, Psychosis, and bi-polar disorder. Issac cleverly learned how to cover this up at college and slowly gained a league of followers that practically worshiped him and his crazy ideas. After college (which he only attended for three years, yet gained a PhD) he found an abandoned mansion in section of town that he bought, so he could hold meetings and live there. When he found out about the watch, it consumed his every thought and he stole it, revering it's beauty and power- all for himself. Of course, he told his mindless minions it was for "scientific and educational reasons" to "increase equality." He fed the public propaganda, doubling his followers almost daily. He also proposes communism to his less wealthy companions, which he does not intend to achieve, only things for his personal gain.

Family: Jacob Stein- Father, deceased
Ruth Stein- Mother, deceased
Maxwell Roth (Took on a new last name)- Brother, 18, alive

Occupation: Mad Scientist

Other: Has anxiety, schizophrenia, Psychosis, and bi-polar disorder.

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