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Does "Slated" have a fandom??

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Saren Mower This is a great distopian series that I think she be right up there with "Divergent" and "Maze runner!" Does anyone else feel the same way? I want to have other people to fangirl with because I've never found anyone else who like it or read it!

Dramapuppy Yes! I don't understand why it's not popular.

Jayne I understand just because I feel like none of the characters were that memorable. I read the first two and even when I heard the last one was out I didn't bother reading it because I knew a lot of better mroe riveting stories. I do plan on finishing the series, but I understand why it's not crazy popular

Dramapuppy That's true, actually. Most of the characters are already fading from my mind. I'm just more of a plot person and the PLOT was very memorable.

BTW, the conclusion is really good. I think she did a good job of wrapping things up without rushing or any other common last book mistakes.

Saren Mower I actually do feel the same way! The reason I liked the book was because i loved the plot, but the characters were not my favorite. The author was great, i just wasnt really a big fan of Kyla's choices and things at some points. Though I liked Aiden and Finley a lot! :)

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