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Vampire Blues (Ladainian Abernaker, #1)
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Lydie Blaizot (laurynb) | 3 comments Hi!

I would like to present you a series of short stories with an atypical hero: a vampire with a detestable character.
Six stories were published in French and the first has just been published in English (ebook).

If you want more information, please visit my website

Ladainian Abernaker is a very old vampire, bitter and maladjusted to modern life. His only passion: the blues. His only friend: Ezequiel, a raven. Naturally, he lives in Chicago, a city he has seen born, grow and prosper. A refugee in his music bar, Willie’s, he lives through the years with this one obsession: to perpetuate the blues of Chicago, a tone so particular that it is the only thing that soothes his tortured mind. The outside world is only there to allow him to satisfy this fixed idea; it has no other interest in his eyes. Thus, he works as an expert hit-man to earn money for his craze.

A saga dedicated to an atypical vampire, an ambiance inspired by film noir, independent episodes … Don’t hesitate to discover the world of Ladainian!

Episode 1 — Vampire Blues: Ladainian lives a nightmare: his saxophone player suddenly died. To complete his now fatherless orchestra, he auditions a young boy named Paul. The kid, very talented, arouses immediately his interest. But his father, the boss of a gambling den, doesn’t intend to let his son become a professional musician. For the music lover vampire, he becomes an enemy to brought down.

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Lydie Blaizot (laurynb) | 3 comments Hi,

After a long absence, my grumpy vampire is back.

Episode 2 — The angel of Polh: Emily, an angel of Polh, arrives in Chicago to find the murderer of a person for whom she was responsible. But the culprit is a vampire and the angel, young and inexperienced, can’t lay hands on him. Then, she gets into her head to seek help from Ladainian Abernaker, the most unlikely ally. The cantankerous old man would certainly never listen to her request without the unfortunate intervention of the leader of the vampires of Chicago.

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