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Shelves, shelves, floors, floors, rooms, rooms... Full of books. All of it was a bit overwhelming for Rhiannon. She loved to read, however studying.. not so much. She was only at the doorway of the library and the stretch of carpet ahead of her seemed to have no vanishing point. She saw a few chairs, but no tables yet. Pulling out a book at random from a shelf that was next to her, she opened it up to a page at random. Microorganisms are crucial to nutrient recycling in ecosystems as they act as decomposers. As some microorganisms can fix nitrogen, they are a vital part of the- Quickly shutting the book and placing it back to where it belonged, she groaned inwardly. Stepping even farther in, she saw a table and set down her bag. Taking a seat herself, she just sat there, awkwardly, suddenly not excited about exploring.

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[ About to get in the shower.. sorry I wrote so much! ]

Rhiannon slid her hand into her peacock blue shoulder bag and slid out her copy of Persuasion. She'd always hated Jane Austen books as she never clearly understood the plot or point of the books. You'd be wondering why she was reading a book that she hated, probably. The answer was that she took a book that she hated everywhere with her because reading horribly written books always clamed her down when she was in a glum or simply pissed off mood.

And why was she pissed off today? Well, if your Economics teacher- will also happened to be her favorite teacher of her favorite class- gave you two assignments that made up for about 50 % of your grade, you would feel the same way. And her Business and Management class had topped off that load with even more assignments and imperative homework. She had managed an extension, and so she should have been finishing up the paper, but she was in no mood for that. Pissed off moods did not mean getting work done for Rhiannon. For Rhiannon, pissed off moods meant reading your least favorite books.

She kept all of her books in that peacock shoulder bag. It was actually more a tote bag, so she thought of it as half and half. Half tote, half shoulder bag. It was ancient, actually, that bag. There were loose threads sticking out inside, and it seemed like there was a hole forming in the corner of one of the bags as well. If her life was anything normal, this would have been excuse enough for her to throw out the bag. But it was actually the fanciest bag she owned at Athena since her family's money collapse.

Unable to focus on even the Jane Austen book, she looked over her shoulder to see if anyone else happened to be near her in the library. And there was, in fact. This new girl- maybe she wasn't new, maybe she had been there the entire time and in all of her irritatedness Rhiannon just hadn't noticed her- she had short brown hair, a plain look however. But something about that jawline of hers made her think that she was perhaps a Feer. Squinting, she realized that the girls hair was not a normal plain brown as she had first thought, but instead a shade which seemed to be a new color all on its own.

Getting up but leaving the bag on the table, Rhiannon strode over to where this other girl sat. Standing just to her right so that she wouldn't have to change her sitting position to look at her, Rhiannon clasped her hands behind her back loosely. She was suddenly nervous for some reason, a new emotion she very rarely experienced. "I love your hair." She said plain yet bluntly. Now it probably seemed like she was a girly girl who didn't give a crap about Athena, but she wasn't about to say that she hated her hair instead as it would just be even worse.

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[ I just wrote that much because I needed a new RP example for a mod app but my average is about 3 paras ^^ As if for the table, I said that she couldn't see one from the library entrance way. I know she's a schollie, but she does have a Feerish look which is why I said that ^^ And she skipped a year upon entry.. will post later :)) ]

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[ sorry for the wait; big snowstorm over here ]

What had Rhiannon been expecting? A clasp of her hands and a 'Oh thank you! I use only Clairol hair dye for it' or perhaps just a simple and polite, 'I love those dark waves of yours as well!'. Anyhow, her point was that an "Erm... Thanks" made her judge the girl in a rather negative way. Her mind was closed up and wasn't in a social setting. Why had she even said anything in the first place? Laughing lightly- was that a good way to speak afterwards? Ah, nevermind, just screw it all. "You're welcome..."

The trouser smooth made Rhiannon notice what the girl was wearing and compare it to what she herself was wearing. Suddenly, judging by the girl's attire she realized she may not have been a Feer after all. Looking down at herself for a moment, a fast enough movement it could have been mistaken for a let out of breath if the person wasn't keen, she remembered how she had thrown together the violet blouse and black tights hurriedly.

"Do you need anything?" Shoot, shoot, shoot... this was the one question subconsciously in the back of her mind Rhiannon had been hoping she wouldn't be asked. "Oh, well.. um.. I just came in and I guess I couldn't focus today when I was studying and I looked up and I noticed your... hair..." She finished lamely. Could it be any worse? While her words normally escaped herself soft and quickly, yet at the perfect pace that a person could understand, in this instance she spoke hurriedly- just the opposite of her usual.

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Good.. it seemed like Rhiannon managed to not run into another rather rude-ish person like herself. She wasn't in a rude mood today. She fingered her silver Pandora's strawberry charm. "I'm Rhiannon." Last name too, perhaps? "Keogh." Terena Frasier. That name did not ring a bell in her head. "You have a very pretty sounding name," She said, then felt satisfied for managing out a compliment without sounding stupid, like an awed little toddler, or a female dog although she could be the latter if she wanted to.

“Are you reading The Republic?” Rhiannon asked as she noticed Terena fiddle with the book cover. She didn’t get what the cover read completely, but she thought that she could make out the author’s last name which gave her a slight nudge in the guess of the book title. Clasping her hands behind her back, she realized that there was barely anyone else in the library except for a few browsers. So maybe Terena wouldn't mind if... "Would you mind if I brought over my stuff to your table?"

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Thankfully, Rhiannon hadn't used the good old 'wobbly table' excuse to sit with Terena, as judging by that monotonous voice it wouldn't have gone over all that well. "Thanks." She said quietly, although she doubted Terena heard- and not just because she had said it quietly. Walking at a normal pace- walking too quickly probably would have made her seem like an overly enthusiastic person- she picked up her bag, slid it over her shoulder only to put it down on the ground a moment later. It made that book thump that books always made. The sound of pages being rustled lightly and the covers moving together. It was not necessarily a bad or negative sound, it was just the type of sound that set Rhiannon out of her Jane Austen mood.

Opening to a randomly bookmarked page in The Count of Monte Cristo,, Rhiannon's mind wandered for an opinion on her unlikely tablemate. Enthusiastic? Blunt? Friendly? Nope, definitely not. The opposite worked a lot better, actually. Reserved? Quiet? Almost irritating in a lack of conversation or comments? Bingo. Ugh. This was the opposite of Rhiannon, and from experience she knew that opposites did not always attract. Turning back to her book, she could only frown once more at the amount of characters.

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"Yes." Rhiannon grumbled as her eyes scanned- or more skimmed- the last page of her book. Stuffing the book back into her bag in position, she fingered some assignment papers and found the one she had stuffed at the bottom of her bag that day. Promulgate your own thoughts on a classic.... The rest of the words didn't matter as a smile lit up her previously dull face. She had finished the first part of that project without even knowing. And considering how she had been worried about the sudden work overload earlier, this new sliver lining was enough to make her day.

"I thought that you had to read it for English Lit." Rhiannon replied, with not nearly as much bitterness as she may have spoken with just minutes earlier. Seeing Terena was having a struggle with her hair, she un looped a simple white lace scrunchie from around her write and offered it. "You look like you may need this." She still didn't understand why some people made such a big deal about not using other people's hair accessories unless they'd been washed. Ugh. It was simply so annoying.

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In that case, Rhiannon's junior high English Lit teacher had problems... he had assigned the book upon her. "That's funny. My English lit teacher in grade eight assigned it." She said with a one shouldered shrug. There was no clear expression written on her face openly showing how she felt, but inside she was a bubbling over pot of boiling water. This girl- Terena Frasier- did not know how to carry on a conversation. She was too plain, too 'golden'. Too much of everything a teachers pet would have. And she hated it. As much as she hated herself for even walking over to Terena in the first place. For even applying to the stupid academy in the first place where she would then suffer from the difficulty of the work for as long as she was there. "But I did read Catcher in the Rye," Rhiannon added, hiding her annoyance easily with that charming mask she so often wore.

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[ Yes, that's fine and I was going to ask you the same as I know nothing about it either haha.. and is she referring to The Count of Monte Cristo or Catcher in the Rye when she asks her opinion? ]

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danbii (geulcais) (( Thanks! Haha, it was a bad move on my part, sorry ^^" I guess I think about it a lot. And she's talking about Catcher in the Rye. ))

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danbii (geulcais) (( Shahdia: Thanks for pointing it out. I read "schollie" the first few times I checked Terena's bio, it must've been the lack of sleep. ))

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[ Okay, thanks Enna! ]

"Compared to some other books I've read set in that time period, I would have to say it was a bit... bland. I think that the author could have put a little bit more adventure in it and was a bit wordy and almost too descriptive. And when I say adventure, I don't mean Peter Pan adventure, I just mean... "Rhiannon trailed off, unsure as of how to complete her sentence. As if for her straight forward description, she had been using her hands to express some of her opinions. Not in the wild way that she used to when she was a child to express anger, but in a way a teacher may explain or teach something.

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danbii (geulcais)
((Er, since you didn't do the time skip, I don't really know how to reply without making the whole thing very very awkward by accident.... ^^'')

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danbii (geulcais)
((Bumps. Sorry, I got stuck. I don't want to give you a too-short reply with no room for you to add stuff >.< Is there a certain direction you want to take this in?))

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