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Who thinks it should be a movie?

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Shax786 im currently reading this book and i love it so far and i thuink it should be made into a movie but people are saying it would be a waste of time because movie adaptations are crap so comment below on YOUR oppinion

Brittan TOTALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY SHOULD MAKE ALL THE BOOKS MOVIEEEEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Riven Theses books NEED to be movies. Movie adaptions are usually bad but, this book just HAS to be a movie!

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Clelliah no, ithink there are far more better stories that they can make into a movie But yeah this book is going to be an other decent film..i cant see the reason they wanna make it though.I believe it had nothing new to give !its dull boring !

But i think they can go around and make a great tv series with it butt with the fanfiction edits..i have read a few fanfictions about that book and i have to say that they were better than books plot :D

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Der I loved it! By the way, it will soon be a movie. Be prepared.

Alicia Marie Joe Roth, If you know him will be producing the movie, he produced Alice in wonderland (new disney).

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Who doesn't? More importantly. . . which actors should play the characters?

Sophia I've been waiting for four years for movies of this series to come out with no luck. But if you haven't already figured it out, yet I do want a movie(s) to be made for this series desperately.

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Yep yep yep! A movie would be GREAT.

Brooke YES! I have been dreaming about it since I read it! It would be amazing! SOMEONE CALL TIM BURTON!

18BlueberryQueen THEY HAVE TOO!!! It is in my top 3 favorite books ever and none of them are movies but should be. If you do you will make MANY MANY people happy!!!

Nikita I heard it's in the process of becoming a movie. That they are working all the stuff out like writers, directors, producers, and etc out. I would like to see this become a movie and done right. Something on the lines like Harry Potter and Hunger Games. Someone who knows the books and can get the right people involved to bring the books to life. Also to get new faces but great talent to play the characters. I want a book to film done right and will succeed in the box office. You know?

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