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message 1: by Ben (new)

Ben Rowe (benwickens) | 429 comments Locus February 2015 issue is out and as well as the usual reviews and lists of books published etc. they have their 2014 years best list as well as articles with various critics recommending their favorites from the year.

The issue is well worth checking out but you can access their cumulative listed "best ofs" here

Two problems with this list:-

a) there are lots of books on it as always and they have taken the approach "have at least two people in locus recommended it" - this can mean some books can be quite liked or high enough profile to get lots of people reading it from which a few quite liked it - some trimming could possibly be done

b) Much genre work is published by mainstream publishers or as crime or YA fiction - if the publishers havent sent Locus review copies and reviewers not picked them up then they wont be included. E.g. there is no The Corpse Exhibition: And Other Stories of Iraq listed for example.

Still well worth looking at and includes a few of our picks from the last 12 months.

message 2: by Nicholas (new)

Nicholas Kotar (ravenson) | 9 comments The Winter Boy looks interesting. I've just joined the group. Has anyone read it? Recommendations?

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