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So, what do you want to do?

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Well, a boy and a girl hate each other until one school dance changes it all

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Riley walks into school wearing a striped blue shirt. She goes to her locker only to see its next to *your character*

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Riley sees Hayden next to her. "Hi, Loser" she says to him

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She pushes up her glasses and stuck out her tounge

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Riley shoved him "be jelous I'm smart!"

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Riley's books scatter including her secret journal

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Riley tries to grab it but he's to tall "give it back" she says through tears

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Riley takes it "yah right, I have glasses"

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Riley turns a deep shade of red "oh-"

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"I don't have anyone to go with"

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Riley opens her mouth then closes it then opens it "yes!" She sqeaks

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"7:00?" She asks

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Riley walks to the door wearing a short, flowy blue dress.

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Riley smiles "thanks" she says. She pushes up her glasses

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Riley nods slightly and puts her hands around his neck

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"Since we've met. But you hated me" she said

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"Your nice and funny. At least so I hear" she said red

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Riley kissed his cheek "I've always wanted for you to say that"

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Riley's eyes widened but kissed back

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Riley smiled wide "I love this song" she said

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Riley hesitated "okay" she said

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Riley kissed back

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Riley surprised, did whatever he did

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Riley hesitated "I d-dont know what to do! You're my first kiss! I don't know what to even say" she panicked

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Riley kissed his cheek "don't be. I liked it. I'll just follow you're lead. I'm ready now"

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Riley looked at him. "Wanna come over my house?"

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Riley kissed his cheek "what do you want to do?"

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Riley hesitated "hang out" she said

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Riley gets scared at a part and she squeaks

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Riley goes against him.

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Riley kisses back

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Riley puts a hand on his chest, still kissinf him

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Riley lays against his chest ((move to PM?))

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