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So, wht d you wanna do it about? A surprising love story?

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Name: Alanna Quirk
Looks: pale, freckles, brown curly hair, green eyes

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Is this good?

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Okay. May you start?

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Alanna walks to her locker, wearing her contacts.

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Alanna looks at him with envy. No one liked her.

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Alanna looks up at him in surprise "heeeey, Jason" she tuckes hair behind her ear

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Alanna looked at him "sure" she said. She pulled out her books but everything scattered the floor... including her diary

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Alanna winced. She had written about him in there.

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Alanna gave him a small smile. She noticed the journal and thinking it was her science journal she opened it.

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Alanna saw a page about her. She read it then ran in the direction he had gone

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Alanna knocked on the classroom door "Jason?" She said

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Alanna hands him it "yeah, here it is"

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Alanna walked and sat at her seat. She tells the teacher "sorry, I'm late"

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Alanna had written in his journal "I love you"

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Alanna smiled at him.

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"Can't wait" she mouths back. (Time skip?)

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(To the party I mean)

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Alanna arrives at the party in a blue dress. She sees other people but can't find Jason

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Alanna looks around but still can't seem to find him. She tugs at her dress as the other people stare at her

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Alanna feels hands on her and immediently stiffens. "Jason?" She manages to squeak out

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Alanna turns around blushing red "hi" she squeaks out, embarresed at her shynrss

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Alanna smiles "thanks! No ones really wearing a dress though" she says embarresed. "Just dressy clothes"

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Alanna blushes redder. She stumbles over her words "i-um, um," she says.

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Alanna looks at him "oh. I dont- I can't dance. Unless its pitch black, so no one sees me"

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Alanna nods "of course I can" she puts his hands around his neck, a blush creeping up her neck

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"The part about me" she whispers quietly "what'd you read in my diary"

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Alanna looks up, bright red "oh" was all she said.

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Alanna stiffens since she felt his hand go lower. She goes in closer to him

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Alanna looks at him with wide eyes. She kisses his cheek. "I love you" she whispers

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Alanna goes inside his room, her heart beating out of her chest.

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Alanna's eyes widened but she kisses back falling on the bed

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Alanna kissed back as hard as him. She bites his lip

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Alanna opens her mouth smiling. This was her first kiss, surprisingly. She usually keeps to herself

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Alanna closes her eyes and puts her hands on his chest

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((Move to Pm))

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I pmed you))

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She took his hand and pulled him out.

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She pulled down her dress hem blushing a bright red. Everyone was staring

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"I don't have a bathing suit though" she says confuaed

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"Okay" she says with a smile

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Alanna follows and looks around

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Alanna picks a green bikini "wow. This one" she says then blushes "can you turn around" she says then relizes how stupid it is due to what they just did

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She takes off her clothes and slips on the suit. She spins "does it look okay?"

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Alanna shifted "its a little tight" she said

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Alanna blushed "let's go" she said.

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Alanna jumped in

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I might leave unexpecdantley

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