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Double Indemnity
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Double Indemnity > Double Indemnity: In Progress (No Spoilers Please)

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Adelaide Blair | 1060 comments Mod
This topic is for those who wish to discuss the book in progress. No spoilers please!

Cheryl | 930 comments I have already read this. I had to get it via interlibrary loan, and it got to me sooner than expected. I was surprised that Double Indemnity is really a novella (around 100 pages). I had thought it was longer than that. I did enjoy it, and I'm waiting until others read it to post my thoughts and comments about it.

Cheryl | 930 comments I wish I had read this story before seeing the film. I went into it expecting the same dialogue and style as the film, but didn't get it. After Googling it, I saw that's because Cain did not write the screenplay. Raymond Chandler did.

The story is basically the same for both book and film, but I found the book to be much darker. Has anyone else seen the film version of this book?

Adelaide Blair | 1060 comments Mod
I have, but a long time ago. I need to see it again.

Cheryl | 930 comments This is an example from the film of how the dialogue is different in the book:

I always liked that flirty dialogue in the beginning, and it's not in the book.

Cheryl | 930 comments Something I noticed that they changed in the film version was the last names of the main characters. In the book, it's Walter Huff and Phyllis Nirdlinger. In the film, it's Walter Neff and Phyllis Dietrichson. Which way do think is better? Or doesn't it seem to make much of a difference to you?

Adelaide Blair | 1060 comments Mod
Didn't matter much to me. Actually though, I like the book names better.

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