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Would Wesley and Bianca Last as a Couple?
Diana Gonzalez-Castillo Diana Gonzalez-Castillo (last edited Apr 08, 2015 01:51PM ) Jan 31, 2015 06:25PM
I'll admit that seeing Wesley and Bianca's relationship grow was quite romantic. But they were quite different characters. Let's think about the events after the book: Would their relationship last? How long?

I give it a little over six months

I disagree I think they will last because throughout their "enemies with benefits" they both started to change for the better, Weasly stopped being a "man whore" and Bianca started to show feeling again. I'm not saying their relationship will be flawless but they make each other happy and thats all that matters.

I want to say yes because I loved them so much together, but it's really a no. Honestly, it's because they're in high school. Realistically, how many relationships from high school really last forever these days? They both just seem like pretty immature characters.

Id like to think they would last, they could be one of those couples that would break-up in uni, sow some wild oats, mature and finally get back together again. lol

I dont think they would Last because their relationship was mainly based on the physical . In Movies yeah you may end up falling in love and living happily ever after and if in the fictional world ...yeah maybe they would last but put them in real life...nope...they wouldnt even have gotten as far as they did in the book.

I think they would fight a lot, but still stay in a relationship. Yes, they were very different people, but that's what makes them click.

Definitely last. If you are reading Lying Out Loud, you could see that Wesley adores Bianca. They are both changed of course but I can see that they are changing for the better, both becoming compassionate not only to each other but to people around them as well.
Of course i am dying for Wesley and Bianca part 2, maybe they break up for a while due to miss understanding but they realised that they cannot live without one another.

I want them to last but I think it wouldn't. Maybe just a few months.

I agree with you Diana, their relationship could definitely last over six months at least or maybe even a year but I don't think it could become a long term relationship since the are so different and have stressful families to deal with.

Well, from Lying Out Loud, I think at least the author wants them to last.

I feel like their romantic relationship wouldn't last, but their friendship would continue after the breakup. Honestly, they make better friends than a couple.

The (awful) book ends with her bragging that she's going to be abusive to him and that she's never going to change, even though she's aware that she's an unapologetic bitch.

So either Wesley comes to his senses and dumps her or he picks up a drinking problem and becomes just as abusive back to her.

I'm honestly fine with either scenario.

I think they'd last. Opposites attract and all that. They're not such polar opposites that it'd be a destructive relationship, though. They were mates (sort of) before they decided to 'go steady'.

A few people from my high school days are still together/married now, so I wouldn't write that schtick off.

I am a romantic and I would love for them to stay together, but at the latest when they go to different Universities, it wouldn't work anymore. They're in High School now and their whole lives are still ahead of them. There will be so much new and exciting stuff happening, that I doubt their relationship will last long. They are in love for the first time and it could last, but I just don't see it.

I don't think they'd last either. They clearly want different things and they would be always arguing because they personalities are so different.
I liked them much better when they were friends with benefits.

I think they'd last, it's not gonna be easy but they'll make it work

one a cheater, always a cheater.. at least in his case. he seems like the kind of guy who knows how cute he is, and i doubt once he sees how hot the girls are in college he will not be ready to settle down.

I would like to believe that they would last, but once high school's over, there's no way to know. They would both be changing and growing so much, it's hard to do that with a person. I really think that they get each other though.

I would like to think they would last, but I still think 'once a player, always a player' so I'm not sure if it would.

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