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Whisper (Riley Bloom, #4)
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BUDDY READS: ARCHIVED > Whisper (Riley Bloom #4) By Alyson Noel → Start Date: March 18th, 2015

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Tayla Robichaud (trobes7x) | 1650 comments join amanda and I :)

Amanda (amandamarieeee) Excited to finish this series, now onto getting myself to finish the other ones. :)

Tayla Robichaud (trobes7x) | 1650 comments haha :P

Amanda (amandamarieeee) Are we still reading this tomorrow?

Tayla Robichaud (trobes7x) | 1650 comments hey sorry i am behind as usual! I still wanna read this.
I just have a couple books I need to read before this

Amanda (amandamarieeee) That's okay, I am going to read the 3rd book this weekend so that I can read this whenever you're ready.

Tayla Robichaud (trobes7x) | 1650 comments this is only under 300 pages so idk if i should read this now or start the one i planned before it first

Amanda (amandamarieeee) Either way works, I plan to read the 3rd book today.

Tayla Robichaud (trobes7x) | 1650 comments Okay :)

Amanda (amandamarieeee) So just let me know when you plan to read this book. I'm going to finish one book first then read the 3rd book.

Tayla Robichaud (trobes7x) | 1650 comments okay

Amanda (amandamarieeee) Just finished the other book now going to read dreamland.

Tayla Robichaud (trobes7x) | 1650 comments gonna finish wicked and then ill start this

Amanda (amandamarieeee) Okay sounds good, going ti finish dreamland today then start this one.

Amanda (amandamarieeee) Okay just finished the 3rd book. Going to start this book tonight when I get home from work.

Tayla Robichaud (trobes7x) | 1650 comments okay :) ill start tonight too

Amanda (amandamarieeee) Okay cool I'm about to get home from work and going shopping then I will eat and read this book.

Tayla Robichaud (trobes7x) | 1650 comments Okay

Tayla Robichaud (trobes7x) | 1650 comments 33% (view spoiler) I'm wondering if that's as obvious to you as it is me. I'm usually slow with that kind of stuff

Amanda (amandamarieeee) I just got off work and am about to go home then I will read it.

Tayla Robichaud (trobes7x) | 1650 comments finished on the bus :P

Amanda (amandamarieeee) I'm actually getting really tired so I think I will go to sleep and pick the book up tomorrow after work.

Amanda (amandamarieeee) I'm 41% done with the book. I will have to read the rest of it tomorrow I'm getting really tired and have work tomorrow morning.

But I do agree (view spoiler)

Amanda (amandamarieeee) Going to read outside since it's so nice out, going to finish this book today.

Tayla Robichaud (trobes7x) | 1650 comments It's 8pm here haha

Amanda (amandamarieeee) Oh damn well its 5pm here now it was 3 when I wrote that lol.

Amanda (amandamarieeee) Just finished this book. I actually enjoyed the way this ended, and I like how she finally stop acting like a complete child and did grow up some.

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