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message 1: by Gemma (last edited Jan 31, 2015 04:16PM) (new)

Gemma Newey (GemmaNewey) | 1 comments Hi, I've been trying to change my author profile name from Faye Cross to Gemma Newey, but instead of changing it when I click 'save' it just creates a new profile which I can't do anything with - the new one that is created can only be edited by an Librarian. I've sent a message to goodreads and even asked librarians if they can do anything ... but they've just told me to login to my author account and edit information from there. I've tried everything I can possibly do ... please help!

My author profile is Faye Crossthe one that is created when I try to update the name is Gemma Newey.

This is really frustrating now, as I've change my author name on all sites related to my author ... this is the only site I can't change my name, and yet every author I speak to can change their name easy enough. Please look into this asap ... I'm not going to use my author profile to update information about my upcoming books, etc, if I can't update my author information.

Oh and before anyone says its the policy of goodreads that I must create a new author account if I am changing the name of my author ... I received an email from goodreads customer services which states differently - Email Picture Link


message 2: by Aaron (new)

Aaron (aaronburdette) | 89 comments Hi Faye,

I just updated your author profile. You should now see that your profile name is "Gemma Newey," and that each of the Gemma Newey books lists you as the author. For the original Faye Cross editions, "Faye Cross" has been left as the primary author, but since "Gemma Newey" is listed as a secondary author, all of these editions will also appear on your profile. Hope that clears everything up!

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