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Disney Princesses: Which House each of them you think would be in and why!

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hannah renee. This may sound cheesy but I love categorizing people and other characters into the different houses.

Snow White-Hufflepuff; it explains itself
Cinderella-Gryffindor; Cinderella, as a character is extremely brave and noble; she never complains about what she has to do and always keeps a brave face.
Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)-Hufflepuff; it simply fits because she doesn't fit into any of the other houses which is what Hufflepuff is all about!
Ariel-Hufflepuff or Gryffindor? Need I explain? What do you think would suit better?
Belle-Ravenclaw or Gryffindor? (what do you think?)Belle is very clever and loves to read but she is ALSO very brave and noble in what she does for her father. Ravenclaw is what I may draw to a conclusion to though.
Jasmine-Gryffindor; headstrong, passionate... need I say more?
Pocahontas-Hufflepuff; she is insightful, complex, loyal and compassionate. In fact she is just like me; and I'm in Hufflepuff house. Yes, she was brave and noble in what she did, but Hufflepuffs can be also and I think it goes along a lot more with her personality.
Mulan-Gryffindor; I think it explains itself.
Megara-Slytherin; Meg's rather cunning and sarcastic. Not evil; after all, Slughorn wasn't.
Esmeralda-Gryffindor; I think you know why.
Giselle-Hufflepuff; umm...
Merida-Gryffindor; the title of her movie is "Brave"... she pretty much exemplifies the rebel, strong girl who has to not be feminine to be strong
Tiana-Slytherin or Gryffindor? Okay, Tiana is REALLY ambitious... but then she isn't cunning and doesn't cut around the corners so I'm kind of torn. Your thoughts?
Rapunzel-Hufflepuff... nobody else would take her
Anna-Hufflepuff or Gryffindor... please tell me which is better?
Elsa-Ravenclaw? She seems the intelligent type. Either that or Hufflepuff

Now give your opinions in who you think should go where and why!

Izzy I think Elsa would be Ravenclaw material.
Anna would probably be Hufflepuff.
I think Pocahontas would be Ravenclaw.
Ariel should be Hufflepuff
Belle would be Ravenclaw, because she reads all the books in the library
Snow White would definitely be Hufflepuff, so gullible.

Nikita Snow White-Hufflepuff; definitely
Cinderella-Gryffindor; yeah, I can see her brave with all that she was facing.
Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)-Hufflepuff;yes
Ariel-Hufflepuff or Gryffindor? I think either. Gryffindor because she was brave to do what she did but I’m more leaning towards Hufflepuff
Belle-Ravenclaw or Gryffindor? Either! Belle is very smart, loyal and brave, like Hermione.
Jasmine-Gryffindor; totally agree.
Pocahontas-I think she’s more Ravenclaw
Mulan-Gryffindor; no dobut
Megara-Slytherin; Meg is cunning and but not evil.
Esmeralda- I think Gryffindor too because she was brave to stand up to Frodo and she’s loyal to her friends.
Giselle-Hufflepuff because I have no idea where else to put her.
Merida-Gryffindor; yes
Tiana-Slytherin or Gryffindor? I think Gryffindor because she’s brave, strong, smart and loyal.
Rapunzel-Hufflepuff, yeah
Anna-Hufflepuff or Gryffindor? I think Gryffindor because she’s brave and loyal.
Elsa-Ravenclaw? Yes!

ella I had thought of this before, too!

Snow White- Hufflepuff (or Slytherin...)
Cinderella- Gryffindor
Aurora- Hufflepuff
Ariel- maybe Hufflepuff
Belle- Ravenclaw
Jasmine- Gryffindor
Pocahontas- Ravenclaw
Mulan- Gryffindor
Megara- Slytherin
Sorry... don't really know Esmeralda
Giselle- Gryffindor, perhaps?
Merida- Gryffindor
Tiana- Slytherin
Rapunzel- Hufflepuff
Anna- Hufflepuff
Elsa- Ravenclaw

I can't explain why I choose these I just do... it just kind of 'suits them'...

Carolina Morales Belle would be Ravenclaw, as she's noble and loyal.
Snow White - Hufflepuff.
Mulan - Gryffindor, as she's a clever strategist.
Elsa - Slytherin
Merida - Huffllepuff
Jasmine - Slytherin

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Snow White - Hufflepuff; she just loves to work and she is kind and loyal
Cinderella - Hufflepuff or Gryffindor; I dare say Gryffindor.
Aurora - Ravenclaw; she is a kind of quirky free spirit and doesn't care what others think
Ariel - very hard; I dare say Slytherin, but she might also suit in Gryffindor or maybe even Ravenclaw. But that doesn't really fit... I'd say Slytherin. But Gryffindor would work, too.
Belle - Gryffindor. Only because she likes to read doesn't make her a Ravenclaw, even though it would suit her. Her greatest quality is her bravery, however.
Jasmine - Slytherin; she is smart and knows how to get what she wants, but also loyal and often traditional.
Pocahontas - Gryffindor; she is very, very brave after all. Slytherin might work too, as she cares about and loves her people and their traditions. She also knows how to get what she wants. Yes, I think she's a Slytherin.
Mulan - ALL houses would work, she's the ultimate hatstall! But I guess she'd choose Gryffindor.
Tiana - Slytherin or Hufflepuff; she works hard and is ambitious. She also cares a lot about her background, so I'd say Slytherin.
Rapunzel - Ravenclaw. She's quirky, creative and a free spirit!
Merida - Gryffindor with Ravenclaw tendencies. I imagine a grown up Merida to be nearly Slytherin-like and the hat might sense that. But i think she's a true Gryffindor at heart!

Totally unsure about Anna and Elsa...

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Ruby Ariel: Gryffindor-
She is reckless, daring, and bold, not to mention willing to step outside "the comfort zone" of her society.

Snow White: Hufflepuff-
She is loyal, helpful. and kind, not to mention someone who seems at home among plants and nature.

Cinderella: Hufflepuff-
She is also helpful and kind, and she is good at making new things from old (clothes, food).

Sleeping Beauty: Hufflepuff
She is at home with nature/plants/animals. She also, like Cinderella, is good at creating a kind atmosphere (cooking, cleaning)

Jasmine: Gryffindor-
Like Ariel, she challenges the norm and is not afraid to do something reckless and get what she wants.

Belle: Hufflepuff
She ins kind, loyal (she took her father's place, for goodness sake!), and has the ability to take something and make something new out of it.

I believe that Hufflepuffs may be offended from their stereotyping as bland or "the nice people who work," but I think the true nature of a Hufflepuff is that of Amity in Divergent; they value kindness above bravery, smarts, or cunning/purity/ they have this great ability to make a home and to make the atmosphere warm and kind for others- they are almost at one with nature at times, and because of this they are deemed...not as sophisticated as the other houses? I think this is wrong; Hufflepuffs are not "the garden people" or the "nice guys." They put friendship and creating an atmosphere of it wherever they go.


Ella Snow White- Hufflepuff; I think she's an interesting and loving character.
Cinderella- Gryffindor; Cinderella is brave and never complains!
Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)- Ravenclaw; To me that just fits.
Ariel- Hufflepuff;she doesn't seem the Gryffindor type!
Belle- Gryffindor;she is like Hermione - Hermione is sorted into Gryffindor, even though she is very clever and loves books, she is also brave!
Jasmine- Slytherin; i can't think of a reason!
Mulan-Gryffindor; I think it explains itself.
Megara-Slytherin; Megara's cunning and sarcastic. Not evil; after all, Professor Slughorn wasn't.
Giselle-Hufflepuff; It suits her...
Merida-Gryffindor; Well, she is in the movie called 'Brave'!
Rapunzel-Hufflepuff... nowhere else would suit her!
Anna-Gryffindor;she goes ahead to get Elsa even though it's cold and dangerous: she has the traditional Gryffindor 'Loyal' quality.
Elsa-Ravenclaw;She's very intelligent.

grace Belle-ravenclaw
Snow white-Hufflepuff

Clara Winter Snow White -- Hufflepuff
Aurora -- Ravenclaw
Cinderella -- Gryffindor
Belle -- Gryffindor
Jasmine -- Slytherin
Ariel -- Slytherin
Tiana -- Hufflepuff
Rapunzel -- Ravenclaw
Merida -- Gryffindor
Mulan -- Slytherin
Elsa -- Ravenclaw
Anna -- Gryffindor

Kattris loves Books Can someone tell me how Elsa is intelligent? I think I'm missing some details. Besides her clever creations.

Clara Winter Kattris loves Books wrote: "Can someone tell me how Elsa is intelligent? I think I'm missing some details. Besides her clever creations."

I personally think it's more of a 'vibe' thing, I don't see her as a Gryffindor, considering she spent the whole movie hiding, or as a Hufflepuff (she's too 'sharp'). I could see her as a Slytherin or a Ravenclaw, but there's no overwhelming evidence for either. I would expect a Slytherin to have more of a game plan than Elsa ever did. Elsa is more passive, she spent most of her childhood alone in her room, I assume she did some thinking . . . it's less that she's intelligent (not all Ravenclaw's are necessarily so) but she has a level of detachment, of intellectual focus, that says Ravenclaw to me over any of the other houses.

message 14: by Hermione (new)

Hermione *I would like to apoligize if I have any grammar mistakes - English is NOT my native language!
I personally think that both Anna and Elsa would be in Hufflepuff. I mean, Elsa actually created A SNOW WORLD right after she woke up, to make Anna happy. She pretty much did everything so she won't hurt anybody. And when Anna was hurt, and the Trolls told her she won't be able to use her magic infront of Anna, you could see how sad she was, and I bet it is because she knew how much Anna loved it (I am also sure Elsa loved to play with Anna - I mean, they played together right after Elsa woke up).
As for Anna, she is very kind (I am sure you noticed it when you watched the movie lol), and didn't give up on trying to convince Elsa to play together (HARD-WORKING AND LOYAL!) In addition, Anna went looking for Elsa even though she could have gotten hurt - strong loyality to Elsa.

Hashma Snow White- Hufflepuff
Cinderella- Hufflepuff
Aurora- Ravenclaw
Ariel- Gryffindor
Belle- Ravenclaw
Jasmine- Slytherin
Pocahontas- Ravenclaw
Mulan- Gryffindor
Merida- Gryffindor
Tiana- Slytherin
Rapunzel- Hufflepuff
Anna- Hufflepuff
Elsa- Slytherin

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Jenna Snow White- Hufflepuff
Cinderella- Gryffindor
Aurora- Squib. She's inactive during most of the movie, and she's raised by fairies, while showing no ability of her own, of any kind, whatsoever.
Ariel- Gryffindor, because she risks everything
Belle- Ravenclaw
Jasmine- I'm leaning towards Gryffindor, but she would also fit in Slytherin.
Pocahontas- Ravenclaw or Gryffindor
Mulan- Gryffindor
Megara- Slytherin
Esmeralda- Gryffindor
Giselle- Hufflepuff
Merida- Gryffindor
Tiana- Slytherin or Ravenclaw
Rapunzel- Hufflepuff, but she could have been in another house if she was raised among society.
Anna- Squib. Has a magical sister, but doesn't possess magic herself.
Elsa- Slytherin

Hermione Granger Ariel- Gryffindor, she is impulsive and willing to take risks

Belle- I can see her as a Hermione type of Gryffindor, she is very brave in the Beast's castle, and likes books for the sake of the adventure

Tiana- Slytherin, she is hardworking, ambitious and really cares about her dream, will do just about anything to get there

Actually I think Rapunzel is a Ravenclaw. She's smart and her hobbies, like reading and art, show her creativity and curiosity, as well as the way she interacts with the world. She is really nice as well, but so is Luna.

Anna- I think she is a Gryffindor even though she is commonly mistyped as a Hufflepuff. She is kind and polite, like a stereotypical Disney princess, but is also stubborn and loyal, as well as a bit impulsive to go after her sister.

Elsa- Though she would fit well in Ravenclaw and maybe even Hufflepuff, I can actually see her as more of a Slytherin. She is fascinated by her power, even though she's been brought up to fear it, and might be too rash to be in Ravenclaw, even though she learns from her mistake of running away. She wants to explore her power away from other people trying to stop her from pursuing it. She doesn't seem to pursue intelligence and knowledge like a Ravenclaw, but instead magic and wonder, which is inherently power.

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