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Let's discuss! Part one: page 0 to page 108

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message 1: by Susan (new)

Susan (thebookishlife) | 11 comments Mod
What did you think of the beginning of the book?
What are your first impressions of the characters?
Let's discuss all of your thoughts about the first part of the book!

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Susan (thebookishlife) | 11 comments Mod
So this book isn't as fast paced as I expected. But that's probably because I'm just getting out of a really bad reading slump. Especially the family parts felt slow to me. I wonder if I would experience this book differently if I wasn't in a reading slump...
But I really like Finch and Violet (Especially Finch <3) They seem so real. But sometimes I still feel like there's a bit of a hole in Violet's personality.
I also didn't expect Finch to be such a hot badass(?) These days all the cool kids are the hotties and all the good guys who are freaks with problems can't be hot or rough.
I also like how Finch knows he's hot and knows how to use it without seeming like the bad guy.
And OMG the jumping of the hill scene, like so cute.
And oh BTW I'm behind on my reading schedule, oops.

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