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Children's Home 5 (So Damn Beautiful #2)
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message 1: by A.E. (new) - added it

A.E. Hodge (AEHodge) | 2 comments Please add "So Damn Beautiful: Children's Home 5" to my series "So Damn Beautiful". It is Book 2 in the series. When I try to add the book to the series in the book details, it just dumps me back to the Goodreads home page; not sure if this is a glitch or if I don't have the right permissions. Thanks in advance!

message 2: by free (new)

free (frdn) | 5171 comments added...

message 3: by A.E. (new) - added it

A.E. Hodge (AEHodge) | 2 comments Thank you!

message 4: by Mickey (new)

Mickey (mickey_corrigan) | 11 comments Hi:

I'm having the same problem adding my new title RealLife Rum to The Hard Stuff series. It's #4 in the series. When I try to add it, I just get dumped back to the GR home page if I click on series edit. Can someone add the book to the series for me? Thanks!!

message 5: by Mohamed (last edited Feb 01, 2015 10:26AM) (new)

Mohamed Yosri (yosri) :4 Fixed.

Please allow some time for system to refresh ie. (24 hours).

message 6: by Mickey (new)

Mickey (mickey_corrigan) | 11 comments Cool, thanks! But why doesn't it appear on my home page with the other 3 books in the series?

message 7: by Bea (new)

Bea Mickey, it is there under "more books by author". Not sure why it is not on the first page of your author page.

message 8: by Mickey (new)

Mickey (mickey_corrigan) | 11 comments Hi Bea: Yes, that's fine. But it also needs to show up with the others in the series on the author's home page under Series by Mickey J. Corrigan. Do you see where I mean?

message 9: by MMP (new)

MMP | 64 comments You do have 4 books under "The Hard Stuff series"
Your profil need probably times to update
I guess i am not sure

message 10: by Mickey (new)

Mickey (mickey_corrigan) | 11 comments Okay, I'll wait and see. Thanks!!

message 11: by Bea (new)

Bea Mickey, I think that is a cache issue. My understanding is that it takes longer to update there. It should, though.

message 12: by Mickey (new)

Mickey (mickey_corrigan) | 11 comments Okay. Thanks for your speedy help!

message 13: by Anne (new)

Anne Jolin (annejolin) | 18 comments Good Morning!

I can't seem to add my book Change Rein to a new series. Could you please help?

This is the book link -->

It is #1, Series Title: Willow Bay Stables

Thank you!

message 14: by Philip (new)

Philip (burnnerman) | 5913 comments #13 - Done.

Here is the series:

Only Librarians can create and edit a series. That is why you were having issues.

message 15: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 41704 comments Mod
It gets confusing when a thread linked to a specific book or author is also used for other books. I am closing this thread. Start new ones for other books.

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