Clockwork Princess (The Infernal Devices, #3) Clockwork Princess question

Are you okay, with the love after Will thing? Or do you dislike the fact that, Tessa was with other guy after some years that Will died?
czarmaine (bookishbananas) czarmaine (bookishbananas) Jan 31, 2015 07:04AM
NO! i wasn't okay about it. but after awhile i accepted the fact already. it was a great ending! i just wished that Tessa would've spent her days (the epilogue part) with her grandchildren or her kids :) but still, one of the best trilogies!

I do agree with Jayne, I was really glad she made this part, specially after all they have been through, 150 years is more then enough.
Plus, she loved Jem as well and after Will had his full life with Tessa, I was hoping for Jem to experience something like that too, plus, base on the character of Will, he would be the first who would want smth like that after he is gone, for the two most beloved people in the world for him.

I agree with all of you! I wish I had never read the epilogue, because every time I do I cry. I don't like that Tessa got together with Jem, but I think it was okay because who is a bigger shipper of Tessa and Jem than Will? I bet up in Heaven, when Tessa and Jem kissed, Will was like, "Finally!'' Also I don't think Will would want Tessa to mourn him forever. Will would want her to be happy....

She's immortal, as in she can't die. So just because Will died doesn't mean she has to spend eternity alone. So.. yeah, I'm okay with it.

By "some years" I'm prettyy sure it was like 150 years, which is my opinion is more than enough time to move on. In fact, I think it would be ridiculous if she didn't move on! Will would have wanted her with Jem, and she was in love with both of them. Yeah it seems kind of sleezy out of context that she ends up with her dead husbands best friend, but in terms of the book series it was the best decision. And idk if you did but you should read Clare's post-epilogue story on JEm and Tessa's encounter after the bridge, it made you love their love even more.

I was very happy with it.

I wish I never read the epilog. I was expecting something like this because, it was kind of obvious but I think it was unnecessary. I don't think it was wrong, the woman was single for more than a century, but the way it was presented to her was just to perfect and kitschy. "Don't worry,love. Jem is still here, and look he is back to his normal human self. We restored all his parts. Cassandra just had to make a little detour for him since you to love each other again."

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