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Kendra G. ツ ~There is some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for~ (12kendrag) | 503 comments Mod
If you do not use this format at least have all the things in it (minus the optional ones). If the character is unfinished then post it in the character workshop.

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Ken (kensamcampo) [ Name ] Cordelia April-Irene-Debbie Pease

[ Age ] 15
[ DOB ] April 15th 2000

[ Gender ] Female
[ Sexuality ] Straight
[ Relationship status ] Single

[ Year ] 5th

[ Appearance ]

[ History ] Cordy was born in Paris, France. She lived with her parents, brother, and cousin, due to Emily's parents having been killed in a battle. Cordy and her cousin were sent to Beauxbaton's Academy. It was interesting at first, but after 3rd year it was starting to get more bullying and hard to please people. She now goes shopping and tries to make as many friends as possible. She does not get along with her cousin.

[ Personality ] Cordy is a complete and utter, well you kind of guessed she is a complete and utter jerk, especially to her cousin. I would call her the b word, but I am going to be respectful here. Cordy loves when she gets her way with things and she is extremely truthful about how she feels about people and what they look like. She loves shopping and she will not take no for an answer, but she tries her hardest to be extremely popular and be liked by the popular girls. She loves swimming and football, but most of all she loves cheer leading. She hates seeing the school loose in sports. She loves making new friends, but sometimes people just avoid her all together because she can be annoying. Her favorite song is 1985 by Bowling for Soup.

[ Likes ] shopping, being herself, Beauxbatons, dogs, Eva, Skylar, cheer leading, magic, football, swimming, and 1985

[ Dislikes ] not getting her way, people not knowing her, failing classes, and people who mess with her

[ Strengths ] being herself, shopping, cheer leading, swimming, football, getting good grades, and singing

[ Weaknesses ] boys, not knowing what to do about her brother being at a different school, and Rubies

[ Fears ] Abandonment, failing, and not being able to make friends

[ Family ]
Leandra (Mother, Professor) - Teaches at Beauxbatons
Jamison (Father, Professor) - Teaches at Durmstrang
Johnny (Brother) - Attends Durmstrang, 6th yr at Durmstrang
Emily (Cousin) - attends Beauxbatons, 5th yr at Beauxbatons

[Wand] Mahogany, 13 1/2 inches, Stiff and Swishy, Unicorn Tail Hair, crushed rubies powder and emerald dust

[ Other ] Extremely Popular. Her cousin is open for creation. Goes by Cordy. Her patronus is a wolf and she has a pet dog named Fire. Anyone can make Emily into a character.

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Lily  | 250 comments Mod
[ Name ] Celia Belle Gregon (Some of her friends call her C.B)

[ Age ] 16
[ DOB ] August 15th

[ Gender ] Female
[ Sexuality ] Lesbian
[ Relationship status ] Single

[ Year ] Fifth

[ Appearance ]

[ History ] Celia's family life was never all that great. Her mom committed suicide when Celia was twelve, and her father was never the same afterwords. He often came home drunk and occasionally he didn't come home at all. Celia didn't let it bother her, putting all her time to looking after her ten year old brother.

[ Personality ] Celia tends to act carefree and wild, not letting any problems stop her. At least, not her own problems. If one of her few friends ever has a problem, Celia puts her heart and soul into fixing the problem to the best of her ability.

[ Likes ]
+Hanging out with friends
+Small children
+When people are happy

[ Dislikes ]
-When people are sad
-Talking about her mother
-When she can't solve a problem

[ Strengths ]
*she's incredibly good at fixing most problems
*she always finds a way to keep her mind off things she doesn't want to think about
*she stays carefree and happy, not letting sadness get to her
[ Weaknesses ]
~when she does get sad, she tends to stay that way for a few days
~she bottles up all her negative emotions
~she gets mad at herself for being sad
[ Fears ]
`her being like her mother
`what might happen to her father while she's gone
`what might happen to her brother while she's gone
[ Family ]
{ Alina Gregon [mother] |deceased| !AGE(at time of death):38! }
{ Charlie Gregon [father] |living| !AGE:42! }
{ Terry Gregon [brother] |living| !AGE:10! }
[ Other ] Muggleborn

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Lily  | 250 comments Mod
[ Name ] Will Tande

[ Age ] 17
[ DOB ] March 5th

[ Gender ] Male

[ Sexuality ] Heterosexual

[ Relationship status ] Single

[ Year ] 5th

[ Appearance ]

[ History ] Will's live was always fairly normal. His parents loved each other and loved him, so he was pretty happy. When he was ten, there was a car wreck, causing the death of both his parents. Now an orphan, Will was sent to live with his grandmother, who he barely knew. When his letter came, his grandmother was convinced he was working in some type of cult nonsense, so to come to school he ran away. His grandmother is a bit more accepting of his magic now, though the first couple of years were pretty bad.

[ Personality ] Will is an open and goofy boy. He doesn't hide any of his past, and he accepts people's flaws graciously. He's always striving to make others happy, and he loves to put smiles on other peoples faces.

[ Likes ]
*Making people smile
*Hanging out with friends

[ Dislikes ]
~Judgmental people
~Getting mad

[ Strengths ]
< He's exceptionally good at magic
< He sees the good in everyone
< He's good at cheering people up

[ Weaknesses ]
>He's kind of awkward at first
>He's horrible at athletic things
>He hates seeing people sad

[ Fears ]
+His friends are only his friends because he's happy a lot
+Something happening to his friends/family while he isn't around.

[ Family ]

[ Other ] Muggleborn. He has a scar on his arm from car wreck, which he usually hides with long sleeves.

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[ Name ] Marie Brigitte Antoinette

[ Age ] 16
[ DOB ] December 19, 1998

[ Gender ] Female
[ Sexuality ] Strait
[ Relationship status ] Single;HUGE crush on Nicodemo D'Angelo

[ Year ] 6th

[ Appearance ]

[ History ]
Coming from a very rich family from Paris, France, she has lived in a million dollar penthouse being waited on hand and foot, and after discovering that her parents are wizards and that she possesses powers herself, she is quite freaked out by the thought of it. She was sent to ✴ Ɓєαυxвαтσηѕ Acαɗєму σf Mαgιc ✴ to learn more about her powers and how to control them as well. Now she is in her 6th year in the Academy, and she has adjusted to doing things for herself. She is a very good student, and aces every class with flying colors each year. Her absolute biggest desire is to be able to be one of the best students in the Academy's history, although it isn't an easy task. She also hopes to live up to her parents' expectations, since they were the two of the best students in their time.
[ Personality ]

[ Likes ]chocolate, Potions Class, boys

[ Dislikes ]nothing, she likes just about everything!

[ Strengths ]defense against the dark arts, potions, charms

[ Weaknesses ]players(can be easily manipulated)

[ Fears ]letting down her parents

[ Family ]Mother: Jacqueline Antoinette
Father: Jean-Luke Antoinette
[ Other ]

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Willow (wigglewigglewiggle) | 11 comments [ Name ] Fay Fields

[ Age ] 12
[ Date of Birth ] May 24, 2003

[ Gender ] Female
[ Sexuality ] Straight
[ Status ] Single

[ Year ] 1

[ Appearance ]
Appearance/picture: http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736...


{ Hair } Brown/red
{ Eyes } Blue
{ Height } 4'8
{ Weight } 89 pounds
{ Markings } None

[ History ]
Fay's family comes from the Netherlands. She lived in the city, and went to some of the best schools. She was sent to this school, her parents hoping that she would become the next Albert Einstein. Her parents tried to get in before she was born, and they hoped that her acceptance would help their status.
[ Personality ]
Adventurous, funny, likes animals, will follow rules
[ Likes ]
+ Animals
+ Reading
+ School
[ Dislikes ]
- Bullies
- People who kill animals for no reason
- People who take her books away

[ Strengths ]
+ Getting good grades
+ Attention
+ Making her teachers happy
[ Weaknesses ]
- Failing
- Disappointing someone
- Getting teased

[ Fears ]
× No school
× No books

[ Family ]
→ (Lucy Fay ; 36 ; Mother ; Alive)

→ (Derick Fay ; 37 ; Father ; Alive)

[ Other ]

Fay is a single child and will do ANYTHING to get what she wants. She is VERY smart for her age, and that is one of the many reasons she got in.

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Lily  | 250 comments Mod
[ Name ] Tara Stone

[ Age ] 15
[ DOB ] Nov. 27

[ Gender ] Female
[ Sexuality ] Straight
[ Status ] single

[ Year ] 5th

[ Appearance ]

{ Hair } short and blond
{ Eyes } green
{ Height } 5 ft
{ Weight } 160
{ Markings } She has a tattoo on her neck of a rose.

[ History ] Her dad died when she was 5, and her mother was depressed, but hid it from her daughter. She and her mother traveled around until she was 11, when she got her letter. She was delighted and hates going back home when the school year ends, because her mother has been getting worse with her depression since she left for her first year.

[ Personality ] Has a short temper, is usually set off by rude people. She dislikes people who think they are better than others, and tends to think down of herself. She wishes she could help her mother, but doesn't know how.

[ Likes ]
+ Candy.
+ Happiness
+ Friends
[ Dislikes ]
- Her own short temper
- Any bullies
- Her mothers depression.

[ Strengths ]
+ She is very skilled with magic.
+ She would do anything for her friends.
+ She is very smart.
[ Weaknesses ]
- She hates to use her magic.
- Her short temper.
- she is very emotional.

[ Fears ]
× That she won't be able to live with her mother anymore.
× No one will want to be her friend.

[ Family ]
Carrie Stone ;54 ; Mother ; Alive

Joesph Stone ; 56(If he was still alive) ; Father ; Dead

[ Other ] She is boy crazy.

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Lily  | 250 comments Mod
[ Name ] Cari Candel

[ Age ] 16
[ DOB ] March 19

[ Gender ] Female
[ Sexuality ] Bisexual
[ Status ] Single

[ Year ] 6th

[ Appearance ]

{ Hair } Brown
{ Eyes } Blue
{ Height } 5" 2'
{ Weight } 160
{ Markings }

[ History ] Her father had always been a naturally angry person. He took it out on her mother mostly, but when she turned six, he started to direct it to her and her older brother, Trevor. Trevor tried to take most of the beatings, and was always there for her when he couldn't. When Trevor got his letter, Cari was left alone with her father during the school years. When she got her own letter, she was overjoyed that she could finally leave.

[ Personality ] Cari is timid and shy, and she doesn't really talk much. She tends to hide in a corner and leave the talking to others. She is a little nerdy, and enjoys learning all about the wizarding world.

[ Likes ]
+ Books
+ Odd tidbits of information
+ The wizardring world

[ Dislikes ]
- Her father
- Being forced to talk in front of people
- Bullies

[ Strengths ]
+ She is great at spells
+ She is smart
+ She is passionate about several things

[ Weaknesses ]
- She's shy
- She's scared of most people
- Talking in front of large groups of people

[ Fears ]
× Her father
× Having her opinion discredited

[ Family ]
→ (Jeffrey Candel; 46 ; Father ;Alive)

→ (Sara Candel; 46 ; Mother ; Alive)

→ (Trevor Candel; Newly 18 ; Brother ;Alive)

[ Other ] She will actually talk a lot if she knows the person well.

The Full Bookshelf Reviews Name:Carmen Alistair 




Appearance:Long honey blonde hair, hazel eyes, long eyelashes.

History:All of the women in Carmen's family are Beaxbatons graduates, though her father is an Englishmen who moved to France after he graduated Hogwarts and married her mother, a Veela. She has a sister and two brothers, twins, though none of them are old enough to attend. 

Personality:Kind, outgoing, very ladylike, girly, and popular. 

Strengths:She is magically talented, intelligent, social, and her mother is a Veela. 

Weaknesses:She has been know to daydream and have her homework done slightly late. 

Others:Her Patronus is a swan, and she has a small gray owl called Francis. 

The Full Bookshelf Reviews Name: Mandy Ramirez

Date Of Birth:September 8




Appearance:Black hair, brown eyes, tans easily, with beauty mark by right eye.

History:Her parents were Muggles from Spain, absolutely unaware of any magical blood in their family, or the existence of witches and wizards at all. Mrs. Ramirez was hoping that Mandy would be a model or actress, due to her good looks. They were shocked when they discovered that she was a witch after receiving her Beaxbatons letter, and considered not letting her go and keeping her witch status a secret. But Mandy's strong will resulted in her arrival at the school.

Shortly after, she noticed that on occasion she could be lighter on her feet and more graceful when the situation called for it, and that at certain times, she had a great aversion to meat, going completely vegetarian. She learned that this was due to her being an Animagus, able to turn into a deer with an unusually dark coat, due to her jet black hair.

Personality:She is smart, strong willed, talkative, and a little stubborn.

Strengths:Due to her being an Animagus, Mandy's doelike manner can help her, as she can make it to where her footsteps are light and she is a swift runner and a graceful dancer.

Weaknesses:Sometimes she does not have a very good control on her Animagus tendencies and will turn into a deer against her will, like Remus Lupin, and will have to temporarily flee Beaxbatons.

Other:Her Patronus and Animagus is a doe, and her wand is a 10 inch ebony with a Kneazle whisker core.

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Kendra G. ツ ~There is some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for~ (12kendrag) | 503 comments Mod
These are all my characters, so please do not copy them. When I repost this, there will be a change.

Lily Scallen

(view spoiler)

Adella Rien

(view spoiler)

Idelle Langlais

(view spoiler)

Chloe Grace

(view spoiler)

Breeze Riddle

(view spoiler)

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The Full Bookshelf Reviews Name:Oliver Alexander 

Age: 17


Date of Birth: September, 28

Gender: Male


History:He is the son of two Squibs raised in a very loving home with four siblings, two brothers and two sisters. He was the only magical member of his family. He is frequently made fun of by students for being from a family of Squibs, which makes him very angry, considering how much he loves his family.

Personality:Oliver is an extremely sweet and quiet boy, and will do anything for his friends and family if they return his love and loyalty to them. His mood is easily affected by others, and he is very emotional when it comes to his family's blood status.

Strengths:He is very loyal and friendly and is considered a very good person to be around at Beauxbatons. 

Weaknesses: He tends to be very defensive when the subject of his family comes up and can become very upset and angry if they are in any way disrespected.

Fears: Something happening to his family or friends.

Wand:Oak, Thestral tail core. 

Other:He is friends with Carmen Alistair, who is trying to set him up with her friend Idelle.

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[ Name ] Jemma Silvana D'Angelo

[ Age ] 17
[ DOB ] January 3

[ Gender ] Female
[ Sexuality ] Heterosexual
[ Status ] Single

[ Year ] 7th Year

[ Appearance ]


{ Hair } Black
{ Eyes } Icy blue-green
{ Height } 5'6"
{ Weight } 123 lb
{ Markings } Scar on her leg from when she broke it

[ History ] Jemma was born to two rich muggle parents. Though she was privileged, Jemma did not want her privilege to be all that carried her through life. Her parents were often distance, leaving Jemma and her brother often in the care of a nanny or on their own.

Later, her brother began coming home with bruises and scrapes quite often, and Jemma discovered that other kids were bullying Nicodemo. Jemma managed to convince her parents to move to France in order to protect her younger brother.

She was stunned when she got her Beauxbatons letter and decided to use the opportunity the best she could.

[ Personality ] Self-reliant and intelligent, Jemma is a would-be Ravenclaw, needing no one to take care of her. She is protective. She is also quiet. She also loves to look her sharpest, a hold-over from being rich in the muggle world.

[ Likes ]

[ Dislikes ]
-Loud noises

[ Strengths ]

Over-protective II Cold (sometimes) II Snooty (well, she was rich)

Fears ×Mold/mildew ×Her brother being bullied

[ Family ]
→ Arabella D'Angelo ; 43 ; Mother ; Alive

→ Ezzelin D'Angelo ; 46 ; Father ; Alive

→ Nicodemo D'Angelo ; 16 ; Brother ; Alive

[ Other ] Her brother is a wizard as well.

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QUEEN | 18 comments Mod
[ Name ] Tatenda Osei

[ Age ] 16
[ DOB ] May 19

[ Gender ] Female
[ Sexuality ] Omnisexual
[ Status ] Single

[ Year ] Beauxbatons Sixth, Uagadou Seventh

[ Appearance ]
{ Hair } Textured ebony hair that reaches her hips
{ Eyes } Blackish grey
{ Height } 5'4"
{ Weight } 132lb
{ Markings } A scar from a burn on her right thumb

[ History ] Tatenda was raised in a poor home until she was ten. She was happy, despite not being rich. However, when she got her token of acceptance to Uagadou, her parents, her siblings, and she were proud. Her pride grew as she went through school with a few select students. She became interested by foreign cultures. Hearing of an exchange program, Tatenda decided to join. She decided to go to Beauxbatons and is struggling to acclimate to the very different environment.

[ Personality ] Tatenda is very proud, and she does not take well to insult. She has a wicked sense of humor. She does have a kinder side, and she is very loyal. She also enjoys learning, particularly about other cultures.

[ Likes ]

[ Dislikes ]

[ Strengths ]
+Easily picks up on language

[ Weaknesses ]
-Not adaptable

[ Fears ]
×Going back to being poor
×Embarrassing herself

[ Family ]
→ Bapoto Osei ; 43 ; Mother ; Alive

→ Adisa Osei ; 45 ; Father ; Alive

→ Ebele Osei ; 13 ; Sister ; Alive

→ Penina Osei ; 13 ; Sister ; Alive

→ Chidi Osei ; 11 ; Brother ; Alive

[ Other ] Exchange student from Uagadou School of Magic

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QUEEN | 18 comments Mod
Name ] Dakota Faye Gideon-Reid

[ Age ] 18
[ DOB ] May 28, 1999

[ Gender ] Female
[ Sexuality ] Heterosexual
[ Relationship status ] Single

[ Year ] Six

[ Appearance ]

[ History ] Dakota has been living with her father for as long as she can remember, she never really met her mother. Dakota is usually found sitting with her father in their rich house in her fathers office. Dakotas father is high in government, meaning he's really just with the FBI, he keeps Dakota safe when she visits him from time to time by making his team be her body guard.

[ Personality ] She is so much like her father but she is confident, calm, dangerous when needed, nice and kind, loving and agreeable.

[ Likes ]
- Her father
- Her pets
- Her friends

[ Dislikes ]
- Bullies
- Know it alls

[ Strengths ]
- Water
- Land
- Sun

[ Weaknesses ]
- Storms

[ Fears ]
- small tight spaces

[ Family ]
Father- Dr. Spencer Walter Gideon-Reid
Mother- Dr. Jamie Harris Gideon-Reid
Junior Jason Gideon-Reid

[ Other ] her family is open to create!


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QUEEN | 18 comments Mod
•Name: Alex Jaxon Cole•

•Age: 17•

•DOB: 21 September•

•Gender: male•

•Sexuality: Straight•

•Status: taken•

•Year: 6th•


Hair: blonde
Eyes: blue
Height: 6 1"
Weight: (muscley, well built)
Markings: tattoo of the letter T in morse code around her wrist•

•History: muggle born, Alex always knew there was something different about him and on his 11th birthday, it was revealed. His parents were against it at first but slowly came to terms with the fact that Alex was something special, a wizard. He joined in his first year and later on, in his third, he fell for a half veela girl in the year bellow him called Taylor. In his 5th year and her 4th they started dating, at first his family was unsure but when they met her they loved her charms just as he did•

•Personality: Very protective over people he loves such as his family and his girlfriend, Taylor. Bright but only average in this school. Sense of humour, enjoys most peoples company although can be closed off to nearly everyone and hate nearly everyone if he wishes•

•Likes: spending time with his girlfriend, playing football, running and playing quidditch•

•dislikes: seeing Taylor hurt, people insulting his family and people trying to get to close to him•

•Strengths: flying/quidditch•

•weakness: hurting people is always too easy•

•fears: family will die, he will hurt Taylor.•

•Family: Minerva Cole, mum, 41, alive. Troye Cole, 43, alive•

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QUEEN | 18 comments Mod
Lillian Perl Monroe II 15 II 3rd Year


Lillian is a bold, fun loving, protective of her stuff and friends, stubborn girl. Her mother died when she was young, and her father died later on.

Lillian likes animals and freedom, dislikes most people along with slimy things too. Her strengths are being bold and smart. Her notable weakness is her stubborness and she doesn't enjoy having
people rely on her. Lillian has a fear of heights. She loves animals, especially horses

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Kendra G. ツ ~There is some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for~ (12kendrag) | 503 comments Mod
Queen's character, Angel, has been approved by me from PM.

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robin Name - Sofia la Basse

Age - 15
DOB - 29 Feb

Gender - Female
Sexuality - Straight
Relationship status - Single

Year - 5

Appearance - Hair: Long silky black hair that is normally in a fishtail braid. Eyes: Clear light blue eyes. Face: Sofia has a olive complexion. She has a curvy body and is proud of it. Markings: She has a rose tattoo of a rose on her wrist. She has a pierced belly button. She has 3 ear piercings in her left ear.
Dressing style: She likes casual clothes with a tomboyish feel.

History - Sofia lives with her parents and younger twin siblings in a beautiful house in Paris, France. Her mother owns a bakery and her father works at the French Ministry for Magic. She lived a happy childhood. She was sent to Beaubatons when she was 11. Her younger sister will becoming in a years time.

Personality - Sofia is a happy girl. She is quite a tomboy and loves rough and tumblei

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Ken (kensamcampo) [ Name ] Joshua Spencer Mcgonagall

[ Nicknames ] Josh, Joshie, Spence, Joshy

[ Age ] 15
[ DOB ] July 8th, 2002

[ Gender ] Male
[ Sexuality ] Heterosexual
[ Relationship status ] Single

[ Year ] 5th

[ Appearance ] description

[ History ] Joshua was born and raised in London, but he hated it there. He was only 4 when his sister was born. As a kid, he hung out with Drake Fiorentino-Trelawney and Jonathan Pease. They were best friends and still are even though they go to different schools. When Joshua first got his letter to Beauxbatons Academy his mother insisted that he get sent there for a magical education. His first year there he knew nobody and when he noticed many of the girls during his second year, he freaked out a little. The summers after his second and third years, he also had girlfriends but the girlfriends were the ones that broke it off because they were getting bored. By his fourth year, he had gotten good with Potions and Charms. The summer after his fifth year he had a girlfriend, but when she started becoming too controlling he decided to break it off. By the start of this year, Josh was considering joining Qudditch. Mostly he goes around campus with his sister at times just to protect her, but you can find him hanging out with Cordelia or in the library by himself.

[ Personality ] Joshua is strong and outgoing as well as smart and loving. His favorite subjects are Potions and Charms, but he also loves Divination. He loves quidditch and has been considering joining the male team, but is afraid of what people would say to him. He is mostly scared people will find out that he is friends with Cordelia Pease. Joshua keeps secrets from people but only to keep them safe. He is protective when it comes to it and he loves getting to know new people. He is always willing to help out even if it means spending extra time around other people. He used to be shy at first, but now he is social and he loves hanging out with people. Josh finds it hard to tell girls how he feels.

[ Likes ]
Making Friends
Girls (but especially wants to get to know a certain princess)
Cordelia, but they're just friends only he hides it because she is popular
His friends that attend Durmstrang
Defense Against The Dark Arts

[ Dislikes ]
Losing friends
Broken hearts
Some spells
When people lie

[ Strengths ]
Charms (his best class)
Making Friends

[ Weaknesses ]
The thought of losing people
Summer love
Swimming, since he was never that good with it

[ Fears ] losing people, the thought of never having a girlfriend, the thought of losing everyone, and the thought of losing his technology

[ Family ]
* Only his sister is open for creation and even then please ask me first if you want to rp her *

Carlotta-Renee Miaonette Mcgonagall, Younger Sister (1st year); Her nicknames are Lotta and Mia, but she prefers that people call her Renee or C.

Hareen Mcgonagall, Father; DECEASED

Minerva Mcgonagall, Mother

[ Other ] two of his best friends attend Durmstrang. His pet is an owl that he decided to name Gibbier. Josh can speak Spanish and English, but he does not like to admit it much. His wand is Blackhawthorn-Acacia wood mix at 15 and a half inches, swishy with a Dragon Scale core.

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[ Name ] Ryan Theodore Ashley-Delores

[ Age ] 17
[ DOB ] March 4th

[ Gender ] Masculine
[ Sexuality ] Pansexual
[ Status ] His girlfriend is Pierce Cass River.

[ Year ] 7

[ Appearance ]

{ Hair } Dark Brown / Black || Unkempt
{ Eyes } Bright Blue-gray || Wide
{ Height } 6'0"
{ Weight } 159 lbs.
{ Markings } No tattoos || Size 8 gauges in both ears || Snake Bites || Small scar on his hand from an accident in the fifth grade

[ History ]
Ryan was born to a fairly young mother and father, mother a muggle and father (unknown to his mother at the time) a wizard, college students, up until the point in which they could no longer afford a baby and him. He grew up for three years in California, then moved to New York when his father transferred jobs. Two more years passed. That was when the fighting began to happen. Little did Ryan know this was because the recent discovery of his father being a wizard by his mother. She didn't take kindly to this information being kept from her, and the differences between them came apparent from that point on. His mother and father started to yell quite a bit more, and due to the size of the apartment, for four long years, he suffered hearing the abuse from his father and angry screaming from his mother.

Eventually his mother took him on a trip back to California to visit her mother. There, she found someone who was visiting from Spain. They fell almost instantly for each other. Ryan was forced to move with his mother to Spain, leaving his father in America, only to be visited every so often. It was two years after moving to Spain that he had his first magic experience. He accidentally shattered all of the glass in the house because he'd caught his mother and the Spaniard who was now his step-father, well... yeah. His pent up anger from all those years caused all of the glass to break (and managed even to cut his hand on it), and well, shortly there after he received a letter from Beauxbatons, and his mother, very distraught that her son was also one of those crazy wizards, sent him off almost immediately. He almost never went home over holidays, and almost always took the chance the go to America when his father could afford for him to come out. He's now in Year Seven at Beauxbatons, and is happily learning how to be a proper wizard.

[ Personality ]
Ryan, first and foremost, is a kind-hearted and easy-going soul. He will make friends with most anybody, and he is easy to get along with. Because of that, he is friends with many across all areas of the school, and he's become quite popular in his seven years there. He doesn't let that kind of thing get to his head, and he keeps his calm and happy demeanor at nearly all times. However, he cannot tolerate rudeness, and he can get scarily serious about that kind of thing. Getting onto his bedside is difficult, and unwanted.

[ Likes ]
+ Non-Magic Made Coffee
+ Cute Things (ie: Kittens)
+ Making Friends

[ Dislikes ]
- Rudeness
- Visiting His Mother
- Cold Weather

[ Strengths ]
+ Drawing / Sketching
+ Talking To Others
+ Intelligence

[ Weaknesses ]
- Study Habits
- Instruments of Any Kind
- Attitude from Others

[ Fears ]
× Getting stuck with his mother and step-father
× His future turning out like his father's

[ Family ]
→ (Thomas Ashley ; 40 ; Biological Father ; Alive)

→ (Fernando Delores ; 45 ; Step-Father ; Alive)

→ (River Delores ; 39 ; Biological Mother ; Alive)

[ Other ]
Because of the fact that his step-father lives in Spain, he was practically forced in the two years of living there to learn Spanish fluently. He can now speak it as a second language.

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[ Name ] dakota renly nike
[ Age ] 16
[ Gender ] Male
[ Sexuality ] Open
[ Relationship status ] Open
[ Year ] 6th

[ Appearance ]

[ History ] young dakota was whisked away by the ministery of magic when his parents, both witch and wizard, pureblood were convicted of working for he who should not be named. because of this and what dakota declares is injustice in the wizarding community, his outrage was never heard by a court of wizards. angered he was sent to a foster home where a friend of the family took dakota under their custody. they told dakota as much as they know. dakora himself barley knows the truth from the lies.

[ Personality ] dakota despite his hardship and family seperation remains to have a positive outlook on life that does not extend to the circumstances of anyone working for the ministry of magic.

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