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A Gold's Razor

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message 1: by Ryan (new)

Ryan Bell | 8 comments Hey everyone!

So this series is my favorite.. Ever! I've read a lot of books and enjoyed a lot of them.. But nothing to the journey I've taken this far with Darrow. Pierce.. You are the man! It's like this epic mix of Spartacus and Star Wars.. Just blew me away! I got my dad, wife and multitude of friends hooked on the books. Sometime our conversations can span 30+ min. And that's just talking about one scene lol.

Well I'm curious about something. The razor in absolute particularity. I have a great imagination and pride myself on it.. But damned if I can't wrap my head around what the razor looks like. I imagine this whip looking piece of metal that can be turned rigid, and used as a sword.. Almost like Ivy's weapon on Soul Calibur.. But what I imagine seems so dull with how Pierce explains this totally badass weapon. I want one!

Can anyone help me with this? What was your thought on the razor? Can anyone think of real life comparisons? And while we are discussing the razor we can talk about the (hopeful) epic showdown with Cassius and Darrow!

Let the discussion begin!!

message 2: by boekverslaafde (new)

boekverslaafde | 1 comments that's how i always pictured it as well, something that's like a whip looking thing but when flicked w/ the wrist it becomes solid, like a light saber lol

and OMG. i can't wait. you know the absolute final battle would have to be a showdown of Cassius & Darrow!

message 3: by Ryan (new)

Ryan Bell | 8 comments Right, I always imagined a saber of sorts because of the mention of dueling, especially in reference to Cassius. I would of liked to have read about Darrows training with Lorn.. Just cuz the military/training aspect of an Olympic Knight really really intrigues me.

I'm a big time geek/nerd and I own a nice foam sword from Calamacil. It's double edged, about 38in in length and looks kinda like a gladius, only longer with a gorgeous hilt...

I like to pretend I'm Darrow or a Gold using his Razor.. Lol.

So what do you think would happen with the final fight between Cassius and Darrow. Darrow should have the advantage cuz his Razor can be shaped into a reaper blade- and Cassius never fights against that style.. Plus with Darrow being trained by Lorn.

I kinda picture the scene from Gladiator, at the end, when they poison Maximus before he fights Cassius. I can see the fight ending up something to that effect. Golds, obviously, are some bloodydamn sneakt bastards.

I hope they let Severo hunt down the Jackel... Man I hate that dude. Even more than Cassius!

message 4: by Ryan (new)

Ryan Bell | 8 comments Lol- **poisons Maximus before he fights the Ceaser**

message 5: by Janis (new)

Janis | 15 comments I will be interested to see how they imagine the razor in the movie. Get some of those incredibly creative CG artists working on it and no telling what they will come up with.

At the end of Golden Son I had this awful sinking feeling, worried that Morning Star was going to be terribly dark. But I read the whole book again and am more hopeful.

There are references to Gladiator in the books, such as Darrow picking up a handful of earth before battle, so I think we might see more Gladiator-inspired scenes. But one difference is that Maximus lived only for getting vengeance. Toppling a tyrant was just a side effect. So perhaps the fact that Darrow lives for more than revenge will spare him a fate like Maximus'.

I really want Ragnar to live. I like him more and more. His words to Mustang in the mine are beautiful and sad.

And so glad Sevro went to track down Fitchner at the end. I wish Darrow had let Lorn leave.

message 6: by Janis (new)

Janis | 15 comments Oh, and my choice for casting Lorn is Russell Crowe. He could perfectly play the dangerous, efficient, dutiful killer, the warrior who is tired of war, and the doting grandfather who loves and protects his grandchildren.

message 7: by Ryan (new)

Ryan Bell | 8 comments Daaaang! Russell Crowe would be a great pic for Lorn. I support that 100%.

I do like the references to Gladiator with the kneeling down and grabbing the dirt- I love the war cries. Darrow is a genius when it's all said in done and I think he will out wit Cassius at the end. I thought Aaron Taylor Johnson could be either Darrow or Cassius. I also think Liam hemsworth could be either one. Excited about the casting!!

message 8: by Janis (new)

Janis | 15 comments When Golds were described in Red Rising and Mickey said he wanted to make a god, the first thing to pop in my head was Chris Hemsworth in his Thor incarnation! Liam is younger, though, and so would be a better fit.

Yes, I am sure Cassius is going down. I only hope it is at Darrow's hand because of all the evil he has brought Darrow.

Do you think the Jackal was responsible for killing the Bellona children to be sure Cassius would ally with him? Then lying and saying Darrow did it? The Telemanuses were supposed to be taking out Cassius' father. I can't see them killing children.

message 9: by Ryan (new)

Ryan Bell | 8 comments Yea I thought of Chris Hemsworth as Thor too. But Liam has yet to hit that lead role and I think he's got the look. He's like 6'3 like his brother.

I do think the Jackal killed the children.. For sure. That dude is evil incarnate- he's such a sick little bastard and will do anything and kill anyone to get to his goal. Deception is just part of his ensemble lol and he bodes it better than anyone in the book. Bloodydamn the Jackal. I really, really dislike that dude!

I kinda hope there's a slight rekindling with Darrow and Cassius.. Even if it's after Darrow kills him or something- that brief moment before Cassius dies they have one of those intense, heartfelt moments that PB likes to write, haha.

Pierce mentioned that Morningstar would be about Darrow becoming the ultimate leader.. So we should see some good speeches and goosebumps type moments coming up! I want the relationship with Roque and Darrow to fix as well- that was kinda heavy what he told him at the end of Golden Son... Maaaaaan! It makes me mad to think about it!

The Razor will have to be CGI.. Just cuz of the flexibility of it. But I'm excited to see it work in the hands of a master :)

message 10: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Phillips | 5 comments This video was taken at Pierce's last stop on his book tour a month ago. At around the 6:40 mark he answers a question about how the Razors work. You will also get some insights on the movie and also whether he is a Batman or Superman fan lol . Watch and enjoy ,he is a charismatic speaker.

message 11: by Janis (new)

Janis | 15 comments I love watching Pierce's interviews. He's so real and open with his fans. I also really enjoy hearing about his love of classic literature. As a teen I was fascinated by the Roman Empire and all things related. Just one more thing that makes his books so much fun!

message 12: by Janis (new)

Janis | 15 comments Ryan wrote: "I kinda hope there's a slight rekindling with Darrow and Cassius. ..."

Yes! Because Darrow is all about trust and also redemption, I hope that this happens too. But I think that Cassius won't be able to let go of his bloodlust unless he is near death. They may come together as allies before that just because I think it will take ALL of Darrow's old friends to take down the Jackal.

Speaking of Darrow's lost friends, I was so sad when Lorn executed Tactus! It was only Darrow's empathy and willingness to forgive that stopped Tactus and saved the children. Then to lose him at Lorn's hand. Later when Lorn dies, all I could think was that it was karma for having taken Tactus. At least he realized his error and admitted it to Darrow.

message 13: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Phillips | 5 comments All so true Janis! I was at that book signing where this video was taken and he was so much fun to listen to. There were about 100 of us there and he made each and every one of us feel unique and special. When he saw that my friend and I had made our t-shirts based on red rising ,he was genuinely flattered and complementary. We got some fun photos from that!

message 14: by Janis (new)

Janis | 15 comments Sharon wrote: " friend and I had made our t-shirts based on red rising..."
Are those the Howlers t-shirts? I remember seeing a photo with those shirts.

message 15: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Phillips | 5 comments No not the howler shirts, Julie Ann was at the LA signing with those shirts. You can buy them here ours were ones we made at the last minute using images from and iron- on patches lol

message 16: by Janis (new)

Janis | 15 comments Sometimes I am just amazed that I only found these books by accident! I got an email from offering a free book. I think it was the best of 2014 or something like that. I picked another book, but thought the premise of Red Rising was really interesting, even if it was listed as YA, so I bought it. What a lucky day for me! Can't imagine never having found an author this talented! As much as I like Red Rising, I'm looking forward to what Pierce does next. I think he'll just get better and better!

message 17: by Mwilcox (new)

Mwilcox | 1 comments Really hoping they cast Liam Neeson as Lorn in the movie!

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