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Haley S (haleyjs) Post a summary or review on a book you like!

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Haley S (haleyjs) Entwined by Heather Dixon: Entwined by Heather Dixon
I would definitely put this as a five star book! It is SUPER amazing! It is filled with adventure but also has some romance and humor. I would tell any person who liked fantasy and romance and had a sense of humor to read this book!

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Haley S (haleyjs) Perfect Strangers

Perfect Strangers by Jahnna N. Malcolm is SO GOOD! I would say it is one of my favorite books! I loved all the twists and turns the book took. If you like a book with some romance, you would LOVE this book! I would recommend for any teen girl!!!!!!!! AMAZING!

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Tamara Georges  (tamarasinnamon) I'll try to add some of my shorter reviews soon.

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Haley S (haleyjs) Okay, cool!

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Haley S (haleyjs) But you can make them as long as you want!

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Tamara Georges  (tamarasinnamon) Okay, thanks! :)

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Haley S (haleyjs) No prob!

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Tamara Georges  (tamarasinnamon) The Blade Heir by Daniel Adorno

Overall I loved this book. The whole feel of it was great. The characters were unique, and the creatures were fascinating. I did find myself wanting to know more about them though. Since this is a trilogy, I'm hoping there will be more backstory and details in the next two books.
One thing I would have to say negatively is on the pacing. Things did feel a little rushed in the beginning, and at other spots in the book. The storyline was great however, and the descriptions and scenarios stuck with you.
I loved how the author depicted Satan, God, and Jesus. Of course they all had different names since this is a fantasy. The main characters struggle with trusting Yewa and Yesu felt very real. It also gives you a deeper perspective on what it's like to trust God during struggle, pain, and adversaries.
I'm really looking forward to the next book. I would recommend The Blade Heir to anyone who enjoys Christian fantasy.

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Tamara Georges  (tamarasinnamon) The Young Fly Sanctified Lifestyle by Jasmine Doster

The Young Fly Sanctified Lifestyle was a short book and a quick read. A clear depiction of the gospel was portrayed, and I loved that the author backed up her wise words with Bible verses. She also includes a lot of her personal experiences along with her salvation story in moving detail. There were some editing flaws and formatting issues that I noticed, but nothing that took away from the authors words.
I would say this book is targeted towards younger teens and new believers, but also that everyone can get something from it. The author talks about how to live in the world but not of it, also of how to keep yourself pure regardless of your mistakes. She mentions briefly about speaking in tongues, and she seems very sincere in her personal faith. I would encourage all young believers and teens to read this book.

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Tamara Georges  (tamarasinnamon) Counted Worthy by Leah E. Good

This was an awesome book. It really took me by surprise how good it was. It's a quick read, but a good one, I enjoyed the whole thing.
It radiated the gospel without feeling preachy, I think this book is a realistic portrayal of what could happen in the future.
I strongly recommend Counted Worthy. I'm looking forward to future works from this author.

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Haley S (haleyjs) Thanks for sharing! All of them look very intriguing!!

message 13: by Tamara (new)

Tamara Georges  (tamarasinnamon) The thing with reviews is I don't want to give anything away. I do them mainly on how they're written and if they're worth reading.

message 14: by Haley (new)

Haley S (haleyjs) I know!! That is usually why i just say how i like it! I am afraid of giving anything away!!

message 15: by Tamara (new)

Tamara Georges  (tamarasinnamon) I guess you could do spoiler alerts, but whenever I see those I'm tempted to read the whole thing anyway. :P

message 16: by Haley (new)

Haley S (haleyjs) I know exactly how you feel!

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Tamara Georges  (tamarasinnamon) The King's Scrolls by Jaye L. Knight

The King's Scrolls, the second book in the Ilyon Chronicles was spellbinding. It was very well written and took over very well from the first book Resistance. I actually liked it a lot better than the first book, the progression in the story was wonderful and caught me from the first chapter. I grew very attached to certain characters, (which is a major plus in my opinion), and found it hard to put the book down once I got into it.
The message The King's Scrolls portrays is very strong. The story does not skirt difficult emotions such as pain, sorrow, confusion, anger, or even revenge. The author handles her message with care and precision, and this is what I liked most about the book. Nothing is hopeless, even though it may seem so at first, and everything is possible.
Although I found a few aspects of the storyline personally disappointing (I won't give anything away and say what), it still managed to make me a fan of the first two books. I am curious to see what the next four books will bring to this story, I will definitely read this whole series when the rest of the books come out. If this progression keeps up, I can assuredly say I will be a die hard fan by the end of the series.
I recommend anyone who enjoys a good story, great action, as well as a strong Christian message to read this book. It is well worth it!

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Haley S (haleyjs) That sounds super cool!!!!

message 19: by Tamara (new)

Tamara Georges  (tamarasinnamon) It is!!!!!! You should read it sometime.

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Princess Emilia (emilyjanebookworm) | 678 comments So this isn't my official review of Andrea and the 5 Day Challenge since I literally just started reading it. But something she said really got to me and I just had to bring it up! What she said could apply to anyone in any situation, but it really really stood out to me personally:

"In fact, maybe the problem is that I don’t have enough faith in myself, or You either, Lord.
Nugget of Truth: Proverbs 2:5-6 You will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God. For the Lord gives wisdom."

I love that about this book. It is so so relatable!

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Haley S (haleyjs) Sounds intriguing!

message 22: by Haley (new)

Haley S (haleyjs) Tamara wrote: "It is!!!!!! You should read it sometime."

I will!!

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Haley S (haleyjs) Waterfall (River of Time, #1) by Lisa Tawn Bergren
Waterfall by Lisa T. Bergren
I honestly don't know what to say except AMAZING!! Just read the summary and you will want to read it! It is one of my favorite books for now and is definitely on my top ten list of books. All i can say is, READ IT, IT IS AMAZING!!!

message 24: by Chanel (new)

Chanel (channel12) | 377 comments I've heard of that book !! Maybe I'll try it. It look really gr8!!

message 25: by Haley (new)

Haley S (haleyjs) I is AMAZING!!!!!

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❄Elsa Frost❄ (elsafrost) Haley(fabulous and crazy at the same time)(Follower of Christ) wrote: "Entwined by Heather Dixon:Entwined by Heather Dixon
I would definitely put this as a five star book! It is SUPER amazing! It is filled with adventure but also has some romance and humor. I would..."

I loved that book! It was the book that slowly opened me up to the possibility of reading more Fantasy novels! :)

message 27: by Haley (new)

Haley S (haleyjs) :) Yay! I am glad you liked it!!

message 28: by Haley (new)

Haley S (haleyjs) River of Time series by Lisa T. Bergren
One of the BEST series EVER! It is on my top ten books. I LOVE the romance and adventure!!!

message 29: by Delaine (new)

Delaine Christine (delainechristine) | 8 comments The Beginning: The Blackthorne Saga The Beginning The Blackthorne Saga by Delaine Christine
Delaine Christine
After receiving this review I would really be interested and curious to know what people on a forum such as this would say about this novel and series.

The following excerpt of the review is why I am curious.

"What I did not find that impressive about this book was its excessive focus on morality and faith. I understand that this forms an important part of the book and provides context for the story, but after a point it becomes boring and a tad bit puritanical. Apart from these minor annoyances, I found the book pretty riveting. There is a lot of material which the author can build upon for the future books in this series. I would recommend this one for readers who like romances with a supernatural/fantasy element. I rate it 3 out of 4 stars."

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Delaine Christine (delainechristine) | 8 comments Delaine wrote: "The Beginning: The Blackthorne SagaThe Beginning The Blackthorne Saga by Delaine Christine
Delaine Christine
After receiving this review I would really be interes..."

The book cover for this has actually changed, just as an FYI

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Haley S (haleyjs) Cool!

Jess (AKA shortstuff) (shortstuff83) i have written reviews on:
City of Bones
The Fault in Our Stars
The Maze Runner
if anyone is interested :)

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Haley S (haleyjs) Okay!!

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