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Feb - To Kill a Mockingbird - Chap 1 to 4

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Please discuss Chapter 1 to 4 here.

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I read chapter 1 last night. I'm not sure I'm liking it. In the 20 pages that I read I feel like I obtained nothing except for the fact the boy hurt his elbow and had it shortened when he was young and couldn't play football. I will try to read on but as I said classics are hard for me to read and grasp what's going on. Will update after I read chapt 2.

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Chap 2 thoughts. Oh my what a change from chapter 1. We learn that he's only in the 1st grade. I can relate as I work in a school and see 1st to 5th graders. He seems very smart boy so much so that the teacher tells him to stop learning with his dad because he can read. Then lunch is only 25 cents. Imagine it being that low? It's now $2.25. Okay, I looked in front and this book was back in 1960. There is a poor boy that has no lunch. Teacher will lend money for him to eat in return for something else like goods. Jean the main boy talks out and the teacher whipped him with a ruler and sends him to the corner. Wow we have so changed in times. We still have bad kids but they only get time outs now. Times certainly changed from that time. Will read on and update my thoughts on chap 3.

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Chap 3 comments - this book is hard to read. The writing at times is hard to decipher. At one point I'm eating dinner and next point I'm in school chasing a mouse? What? I'm so confused. Ok I figured out the mouse was not a mouse but cooties in some kids head. I'm assuming they meant lice? A kid can only be forced to attend school one day?

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Chap 4 - ok I'm lost again. He finds gum in the tree. Then someone tells him he will live only 3 days. Some kid bit his moms finger off. They play with a tire. Sorry this book is so confusing.

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