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The Perfect View
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Carolyn Young (CarolynYoung22) | 5 comments I would love honest reviews of my new novel. It is very dark psychological suspense, but it could be happening in the house next door to you in the burbs...

It is for adults, more appealing to women than men, and again - very dark and heavy. Here is the synopsis:

"Mara is unaware that she is not the only one with the perfect view of her life. Someone is watching her. He has been hiding in the shadows for years, long before she moved into her lovely house with her husband and his daughter.

"The watcher has witnessed every devastating mistake she has made, but he knows all she has suffered and understands why she made those mistakes. He understands why she is sabotaging her family, and why she pours wine down her throat every night like water.

"Then the watcher sees the explosion that happens when Mara's mind finally shatters, and when he comes out of hiding to save her, Mara is forced to face a beast that has been dead for almost twenty years."

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Siobhan Quinlan | 12 comments hi is it to late to do a R4R

Carolyn Young (CarolynYoung22) | 5 comments No, not at all. What format would you like? Thanks!

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Siobhan Quinlan | 12 comments i read on my kindle not sure what format that is lol :) my email is ive started a youtube channel do you mind if when im do i review on youtube as well? thanks

Carolyn Young (CarolynYoung22) | 5 comments I didn't know either until a few weeks again, lol. Its .mobi. I will send it to you shortly. You can review it anywhere, I would appreciate it very much.

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Siobhan Quinlan | 12 comments thanks :) and thats good to know that its mobi ill have to write that down somewhere lol

Kristy | 32 comments Do you have a time limit on when you need the review by?

Carolyn Young (CarolynYoung22) | 5 comments No, any timeline is fine.

Kristy | 32 comments Awesome. I would love to read and review. My email address is and .mobi format please?

Carolyn Young (CarolynYoung22) | 5 comments Great, just sent. Thanks!

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