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Kate Welsh (felicitydisco) | 42 comments Mod
As we mentioned, Dayeanne did not read the thread about Emma adaptations in general, so you all could speak freely. BUT she's going to answer your Emma Approved questions here!

This thread is just for her ANSWERS. If you'd like to ask a question, head here or tweet us. To keep things readable, if any questions are accidentally left here I will move them to the correct thread. Thanks!

message 2: by Dayeanne (new)

Dayeanne | 16 comments Mod
Monica asked: What did you think of Harriet and the story Emma before working on EA? Did the experience change your opinions?

Though a fan of Jane Austen, I actually hadn't read Emma prior to getting my audition for Emma Approved. Once I found out about it though, I immediately began reading it to get to know the story and Harriet better. I think I finished it either right before or right after the callbacks. While reading I felt a fondness for Harriet; but my read was also colored by the fact I was to be embodying this character. So I was looking for connections and personality, probably focusing on Harriet way more than one would on a normal read. After that read, I really liked Harriet and was excited to have the opportunity to connect with her through acting.

After EA, during my second read of Emma, I found the original Harriet to be a bit irritating! I love what the writers did with her on our show, and I'm so glad she was given a bit more credit and sense.

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Dayeanne | 16 comments Mod
Esther asked: To what extent did you get to shape Harriet's character with your own personality or ideas as the story progressed?

I think my personal influence on Harriet was a subtle thing. The writers knew what they wanted to do with the character, and quite honestly, I've always felt I'm about 75% Harriet already! It was more of them getting to know me, and my acting, and then they gained a sense of how to write her for me, if that makes sense. Like tailoring a dress that already fit pretty well to be just right. Bernie was always very open to any discussions in our table reads. If we felt our character wouldn't say something the way it was written we got to discuss it and would either work on changing it or the writers would explain why that needed to be there. The only huge influence I had on Harriet was her music club. I mentioned at our first table read I played ukulele and they lit up because they had been trying to figure out the best way to approach the drawing/Elton fiasco.

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Dayeanne | 16 comments Mod
Lieselotte asked: What was your favorite thing about this adaption? Since it's a modern day version of Emma, did it change your view on the story?

I have a very biased answer for this. I love that Emma and Harriet got to stay friends! It makes me so sad that their friendship just ceases to exist in the book. It makes me more aware of the class differences at the time when I read it now; the way that it's totally acceptable for Emma to just cut Harriet off in the way. I think it also makes me read more carefully, because I like seeing what we matched in EA versus what was maybe left out for whatever reason.

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Dayeanne | 16 comments Mod
Jule asked: In Emma Approved there where slight changes in character, like Harriet is way more likeable than in the book. Was this a natural thing for you, since it was a modern retelling or did you find that a little bit odd?

Like I mentioned previously, I didn't have a read of Emma under my belt before auditioning for Harriet. Due to this, I didn't have a pre-existing opinion of her or feelings on how much I liked her or not. I immediately connected extremely well to the EA Harriet. I read the character description and literally said "oh, well, that's me". So because of that, playing her was pretty natural. If I had read Emma earlier in life I most likely would have judged Harriet in some way. Then it would have been more awkward to meld that idea of her I already had in my head with the characters the writers were creating.

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Dayeanne | 16 comments Mod
Ana @rvnclawing asked: Were there any improvisations that made it into the final cut of the show?

Not really! I know this question has been asked before and it happened maybe once or twice with Joanna and Brent. They might have answered it in our interviews that can be found on Pemberley 2 ( The only time I remember it happening was in the Boxx arch. I think Jo and Brent played around with a few different endings before landing on "you just called me hot" bit. But don't quote me on that! :D

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Dayeanne | 16 comments Mod
Donna @elyntrea asked: Was cutting your bangs your decision that affected the script or was it already decided on in the script?

Cutting my bangs was my decision. During one of the hiatus' I brought it up to Bernie to make sure it was okay and then they just threw a fun little line in there for Emma commenting on it :)

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Dayeanne | 16 comments Mod
Brianna asked: What Harriet scene is your favorite? I mean the kind that really tugs on your heart strings and shows who she is?

That's really tough! I think my favorite scene to film was in "Big Girls Don't Cry" when Harriet really starts taking charge and tries to get Emma out of her funk. It was so fun giving Harriet more and more confidence and have her become her own person.

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Dayeanne | 16 comments Mod
Alice asked: If you could have played any other Emma character, who would you have liked to play?

This is a really interesting question. I have no idea if I'm really suited to play any other character in Emma... maybe Jane?? Harriet's my girl, thats for sure.

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