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Because of You (Playing with Fire, #2)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Romance with female pop singer getting death threats and a PI [s]

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message 1: by Milena (new)

Milena | 23 comments The girl’s father owned a record label company. She shared a great love for music with her father and later even grew up to be a pop singer. Since his death in a car crash when she was a little girl, her mother took over the business.
While not the most affectionate when the father was alive, the mother turned down-right emotionally and mentally abusive after the father’s death. Now, she is also the girl’s manager.

The girl’s bodyguard is her only real friend and they've been close since they were kids. They share only a brother-sister bond, even though the media likes to make up gossip and rumors about them, and especially about her in general. He is disliked by her mother for some unknown reason.

Recently, the girl keeps getting death threats. They are serious enough for her money-hungry mother to get concerned over her daughter’s image and hire a PI to investigate the threats.

The guy comes from a rich background. When he was in his teens, he rebelled against his domineering, abusive father by leaving home and going into law enforcement. His younger sister was years later married off to an abusive man. By the start of the book, she already ran away from her husband with her very young daughter and has been living with her brother for some time or working for him as his secretary. The guy's young niece is an avid fan of the girl’s music.

When they first meet, the girl and the guy do not see eye to eye. She thinks him a controlling jerk, and he thinks her a spoiled diva who doesn’t appreciate her mother’s concern for her well-being. It takes time for them to get friendly, despite the initial and copious amount of sexual tension. Over the course of the book they get to know each other better and start to develop feelings.
By the end of the book the guy finds out that the girl’s mother lied about being pregnant so that she could marry the father and later even had the father killed in order to inherit the business.

Death threats were being sent by her mother's accomplice in crime, who also happened to be her ex-lover with whom she had a son previous to her being married to he girl's father, and the girl's bodyguard/friend, who also happens to be her maternal older brother.

In the end, the girl’s bodyguard/friend/brother and his father die in an old burning building where they took the girl after they kidnapped her for ransom. I do not remember what happened to her mother. The guy and the girl get their happy ending. And that is that.

I hope I made some sense of this and I apologize for any grammatical errors. Thanks in advance for helping me find the title of the book.

message 2: by Kris (last edited Feb 09, 2015 06:08PM) (new)

Kris | 35105 comments Mod
Because of You by T.E. Sivec seems to match your description.

Milena, around what year did you read this book?
Is she a famous pop (not country?) singer - or just about to make it big?

message 3: by Milena (new)

Milena | 23 comments Kris, thank you for replying to my thread and sorry I was so late in replying back.

I read it couple of years ago, though it feels like its been more. And no, she was not trying to make it big, she was already famous pop singer, somewhere along the line of Britney Spears' virginal stage.
It was her mother's marketing decision to have her music target preteen and teen girls.

The heroine has a thing for country rock and would love to branch out, though. She's sticking to pop because she wants to keep her preexisting fans happy, and its the only reason why she's putting up with her mother at the moment. And has no qualms about telling that to the hero when he ask her why's she singing "bubble gum music", when she actually has talent.

You got the book right, by the way so thanks again!

message 4: by Kris (new)

Kris | 35105 comments Mod
Great! Glad you found your book. Tara Sivec seems to consistently get strong ratings for her romance novels. I'll add her to my TBR list. So thank you. :)

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