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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Leading lady hidden away in convent found by a reporter in disguise [s]

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Code One | 3 comments Erotica. Beautiful girl, supposed to be daughter of famous personalities. Dead mother. Step mother sends her away to a convent. Convent has gents and ladies living separately. Reporter, undercover comes to the convent to find out more about it.

The girl discovers people having sex in the woods during night. Falls in love with the reporter. the convent head also wants to sleep with the girl.

They run away but are caught. The girl is caged in a glass box and left to die as an example for all others.

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Lobstergirl | 37804 comments Mod
Was this published in 1965?

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Code One | 3 comments Nope, this was published in the last couple of years. i read the book last year.

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Code One | 3 comments That is it! Thanks Kris!

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Kris | 33451 comments Mod
Great! Glad we could help. :)

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