Splintered (Splintered, #1) Splintered question

How was this book/series?
Kristina Kristina Jan 28, 2015 11:45PM
I am inching close to reading this book and was wondering what everyone thought? How would you compare it to Alice in Zombieland or other Alice in Wonderland books with twists?

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This series is amazing!

I didn't like the book at all. It was too angsty and clichéd and trying to be quirky. But it had a good concept though? Depends on what genre you prefer reading.

Abby I really agree with you Georgina. The concept was beautiful and I would have sucked the life from this story if it weren't for how annoying Jeb was in ...more
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So far I've only read Splintered, I haven't continued with the series, but I thought the book was fantastic!!! The Alice in Zombieland series is on my TBR and I haven't read it, but I know they are both amazing Alice in Wonderland spin-offs.

LOVED LOVED LOVED THIS BOOK! I highly recommend this series if you like supernatural novels however just so you know it is a bit darker then you may expect.

Thanks Michele. Alice in Zombieland the 1st book was pretty good then the 2nd two were just ok. I still havent gotten to read these yet, but they are on my shelf. At them moment I am reading Dorothy must die series.Thanks for the opinion.

Michele Lisbon You're very welcome! I hate when I read a series and the first book or two is great then the rest are just okay and I lose interest. I really hope you ...more
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I loved the first book. It was so cool, and different, and got me into liking Alice in Wonderland again. The second book was good. I haven't read the third book yet. My friend didn't like it very much, but I will have to read it and decide for myself. She didn't like Alice In Zombieland either. So, it is a matter of opinion.
I would give the Splintered series a try:) You may love Morpheus:)

Awesome. Thanks for your help. I went ahead and bought Ensnared today. Ive got 2 books to finish in front of me then Ill start this series. Yeah!

I know that a lot of people loved this, I on the other hand, didn't like it. Mostly that was because I wasn't a fan of the writing style and couldn't really connect with any of the characters. I had a couple of other problems with the book as well, but I think those mostly came from me not liking the writing style nor the characters.

If you have already bought the book, I would say give it a try, because most people I have heard from did really like the book, so there's definitely a chance that you will like it, too. Also, the first book in the series can be read as a standalone, so if you end up not liking it, like I did, it's not made even worse by the story not even being finished yet (and if you end up loving it, you can get even more by continuing the series).

I haven't read Alice in Zombieland, so I can't compare it to that. I have read the Looking Glass Wars, which is also a retelling of Alice in Wonderland. They're very different. They both give you this very different version of Wonderland from the origanal, however both versions of Wonderland are also very different from each other. Other than that they are also vastly different. The overall story of both are very different as well as the characters.

The series is really good! I bought all three of them and read them one after another.

Kristina wrote: "I am inching close to reading this book and was wondering what everyone thought? How would you compare it to Alice in Zombieland or other Alice in Wonderland books with twists?"

Oh my god this is the best one I've ever read. I haven't read Alice in Zombieland but I heard that one was really hard to get in to and not as good as it seemed like it would be. I am so completely obsessed with this series now and the author is super nice and even wished me happy birthday.

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