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Dorian Zari Hello all!

I've recently started a giveaway for my horror/dark fantasy novel The Labyrinth. In addition to the 7 signed paperback copies that the winners will receive, I am offering the ebook version of the novel for free to anyone who asks for it. I want my novel to be read much more than I want it to be bought. So either ask for a copy in this thread, or PM me and specify what ebook format you'd like the book in.

Synopsis: Dan, Sarah, Zack and Carly are soul mates. They just don’t know it yet, seeing as they’ve never met. Nor do they know that they share a dark secret: each of them has a debilitating superhuman sense they can’t control.

They become aware of each other when they violently exchange bodies for a life-changing moment and set out to meet. Their journey turns into a race against time when they discover - almost at the cost of their lives - that something else wants to find them too: a monster masquerading as a teenager that calls itself the Guardian.

After barely surviving their first encounters with it, they travel across Europe toward each other. On the way they try to discover what the Guardian is, why it wants to kill them and how to kill it first. But their hectic road trip reveals much more than they ever wanted to know, including the fact that the term “soul-mate” is anything but romantic.

Also, here's some artwork for the Guardian, Sarah and Dan from the novel (more to come).

I look forward to hearing from you!




Scrapper | 2 comments well, I purchased it anyway. I don't know when I will get a chance to read. it looked like my cuppa tea.

message 3: by Dorian (new) - added it

Dorian Zari Hello Scrapper,

Glad it interested you enough to purchase it, even though you didn't have to. I appreciate it. Whenever you get to it is fine, I'll be curious to see if it still is your cuppa tea after reading it.

Scrapper | 2 comments Don't know when, we are battling flu within our school and family. I remain upright (for now). Just looked interesting

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