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Moe  | 611 comments Here we go

So how should we make this a from a 1x1 to 1x1x1

message 2: by Moe (new)

Moe  | 611 comments Yeah that would work. :)

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 468 comments Yush. Oh, idea, what if the brother also finds out about Guy A, and he is the one that tells the government? Or we can even turn this into some triangle type thing.

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Moe  | 611 comments That would work.

message 5: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 468 comments Which one? Government or love triangle?

message 6: by Moe (new)

Moe  | 611 comments Im up for either

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Moe  | 611 comments Okay so how detailed are we going for characters? Katniss you alright with being A?

message 8: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 468 comments Yeah, I already have a character in mind. :)

message 9: by Moe (new)

Moe  | 611 comments Okay :D how detailed are you going?

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 468 comments Me? Um, I can just post him real quick. I have used him before, so it won't take too long.

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Moe  | 611 comments Oksy thats fine :3

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 468 comments [Full Name] Adrian Meyer
[Fake Name] Drake VanHarton

[Age] 17
[Gender] Male
[Birthday] June 3rd
[Species] "Gifted"
[Abilities]He controls both fire, water, and ice.

[Sexuality] Bisexual
[Relationship Status] Single


(view spoiler)

[Hair Color] Blue in calm mode (As well as his eyes) But when he is using his fire or lightning, it changes into a raging red. (view spoiler)
[Eye Color] Black around the edges and blue on the inside. They change color with what element he's using.

Fire: (view spoiler)

Water: (view spoiler)

Ice: (view spoiler)

[Body Type] He's muscular in ways, but not to muscular that it's creepy. He has some abs his arms are nice and he has nice hipbones.
[Height] 5'9"
[Weight] 156


Adrian is a quiet guy, always keeping his head down and away from everyone else. He hates knowing what people are saying about him or other people like him. Even though people like him tend to stay away from him. He's on the dark side with a lot of things, always listening to punk and alternative music (Which is amazing). He has a harsh glare that either turns people away, or draws them closer. He wished it was pushing them away.

Because of his powers being so strong, when his emotions get out of control he sometimes loses control of his powers as well, becoming a danger to others around him. Because of this, he had to quickly learn how to control these powers that he had, and keep them a secret. He stays quiet about them, and if someone finds out, he runs.

Through his hard outside, he has a heart of gold and if he falls for someone, he will fall hard. He used to fall fast and hard which only caused trouble for him as a child as his powers rapidly grew. He still is sweet to the ones he loves, and he will always stand up for them. Though he may seem heartless and cruel at times, he is waiting for that one person to knock down his walls and see who he really is.


Adrian was born to a family of rich scientists, well, maybe not rich, since all of their experiments are usually paid for by the government. Through when he was growing up, he was always with them, seeing everything that they did, at a safe distance. Of course, that was only when he was three, so he didn't remember any of it. After that, he was always stuck at home, the government moving them to another facility to do everything, and it was out of state. They kept the house and hired a nanny for Adrian.

He didn't think much about it as he grew up with these other women raising him, them changing every so often, them getting sick of how the parents expected them to basically adopt a child. So, Adrian never knew stability.

Through the years, he did his best with school, ready to just leave and never look back at his parents, though there was also something keeping him there. Oh yeah. He loved them when they actually came home and spent time with him. Though that wasn't much. Mostly on holidays, but that was about it. Sometimes they wouldn't even come home for his birthday.

That was fine though, Adrian had friends he would spend time with too, and at the age of 15, he just said that he would rather not have a nanny anymore and just live on his own, which they let him do when he proved that he could do it. It didn't take much, all he had to do was fake it for a few weeks and they were fine with it. He was good at what he did though, he could do it.

One day though, when they didn't come home for his birthday.... They also didn't go home for Christmas this year. He was done at that point, especially since they were at the old facility in town. He went there, and since no one showed him around, he walked into the wrong room, these lasers shooting into his body, or were they lightning bolts? He didn't know, the next thing he knew is he was in his bed.

When he woke up, the house was empty, his parents leaving a note on the fridge saying that they would be home late that night. Though the doc said that he would be okay.

Out of anger, his powers came out, him setting the house ablaze, his eyes and hair turning red as he dashed out. The red didn't go back to his natural hair color, but to blue....

It didn't take long for his parents to come home after that, since their house was now gone. They needed to figure out where to place their son until they could get a new house for him... Adrian, being the trusting idiot he was, told them what had happened, freaking out and hoping that this would get them to start paying attention and caring about him more. Maybe they would worry about him instead of just doing this because they had to.

It didn't work.

"They wanted to hook me up to these machines that made terrible noises. It sounded like a elephant being blown up from the inside out. It was gross, and terrifying. It wasn't hard to fight out once my powers kicked in, freezing anyone that was in my way, my hair turning white like Danny Phantom... But my eyes weren't green, they were glowing white.

I was gone though, the government was obviously after me, as well as my parents. They didn't even get to take my blood, so I knew that they had no way to stop it. I was just gone.... And I wasn't going back."

Since then, Adrian has gone with a new name, one he just read randomly off of some books and some newspapers. Of course, Drake came from one piece of writing, and his last name from something else. He can't remember where either came from, but he didn't care. They were keeping him safe.

© The character above is owned by myself, you do not have permission to use him/her in any way, shape, or form. The pictures are not owned by me and were taken from various sources. Only the written pieces of this character are owned by me.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 468 comments There he is!

message 14: by Moe (new)

Moe  | 611 comments Sweet!! I like him!! Okay mine will be up by tomorrow.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 468 comments Haha, thank you! And alright. Can't wait to see him. :)

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Moe  | 611 comments

Sorry this is totally random but I found this pic hilarious

message 17: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 468 comments Haha! I can see so many of my characters doing that.

message 18: by Moe (new)

Moe  | 611 comments Same XD

Mine should be up soon. Was looking at pics and got distracted :P

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Moe  | 611 comments ¤Name¤ Jack O'Brian
-nickname- Jackie

¤Age¤ 16
-D.O.B- August 15th

¤Gender¤ Male
-sexuality- Homosexual
-relationship status- single


-hair color- dirty blonde
-eye color- green
-body type- scrawny looking kid, but is stronger then you might think
-Height- 5'6
-Weight- 130 (he is kind of anorexic but wont admit. Some days he'll go with out food and sometime it will be multiple days with just tiny snacks, but he just says he isn't hungry)

Jack is the type of kid who gets picked on every once in awhile for being different, being a 'nerd' or whatever. He likes to say it doesnt brothe him but onthe inside it hurts him a lot. He just doesnt want his mom or brother to worry about him.

He is usually spend in his time either working, doing homework or playing his guitar. One of his favorite times to get out his guitar are those days when it isn't quite raining but its barely sprinkling. He just enjoys the view he gets from the porch and puts him in the mood to play his guitar.


There isn't much to his history besides the fact that he grew up in a small town in the middle of no where, were everyone knows everyone and rumors spread like wild fire. He grew up with his brother and mom. His mom is constantly working though to make money for them so when she comes home Jack lets her sleep then sneaks out to his night time job. There mom doesnt want them to have to worry about making money for them because she believes that she can do it, but Jack just worries about her. He hates having to ask for money from her, so he can go out to buy food or clothes or something.

The only other mad thing in his life are the people that pick on him. He has always been picked on for being strange and different but he says it doesnt bother him so he doesnt have to make his family worry about him. Even though the one main reason why he doesnt eat is because he is usually to upset to eat. He lies to his familt though and says that he eats everyday when in reality he doesnt. He also doesnt wat much because he knows that they dont have much money for food so he thinks that by not eatting as much will save them money.

message 20: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 468 comments I understand that boy and his eating issues. Food just doesn't agree sometimes. XP Even the best food! I love him!

message 21: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 468 comments I like him. I can't put it up right now or i would. Mobile.

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Moe  | 611 comments (view spoiler)

message 23: by Moe (last edited Jan 29, 2015 04:02AM) (new)

Moe  | 611 comments There is plot that I had

What should the posting order be?

message 24: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 468 comments Coolio.

And posting order... Would you like me to go first? I don't know who after me. OwO

message 25: by Moe (new)

Moe  | 611 comments We could go you me then max.

Also just in case I posted on our other on if you didnt see.

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Moe  | 611 comments ?

message 27: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 468 comments Alright. It didn't tell me. And I was waiting for Max to respond to say okay. O.O I'll write it up when I get home.

message 28: by Moe (new)

Moe  | 611 comments Ok at thats was jus double checking to make sure it went through or not.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 468 comments The day was young as Adria- Derek walked out of the abandoned factory he had been hanging around in. It was close to easy grocery stores to steal from. He didn't need to worry about water since he could control it. He didn't really know what he was doing, since there was no way he could go out to a school. It was too public, at least for right now. He had to stay here a little bit longer before signing up for school. He rubbed the back of his head, sure that it was after school hours, so he wouldn't be stopped by the cops saying he was playing hookie.

He had his hands in his pocket as he strolled down the road, his blue hair sticking out quite a bit, but at least it was possible, hair dye and such. He glanced around, his blue eyes with circles around them. He didn't really know where he was going, but soon he was passing a high school, kids his age walking all around him.

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Moe  | 611 comments After waiting around fore hours, the bell finally rung for the end of the school day. With a sigh Jack grabbed his bag and headed out to his lo Coker. After a stressful day of avoiding block headed jocks and the stupid swim team all day, he was ready to go home and relax before he had to go out to work at the near by restaurant that was open 24/7. Why they stayed open 24/7 he didnt know, but they usually got a good handful of people there. After grabbing his stuff, Jack hinted down his brother to tell him he was heading straight hom just in case He had any plans of his own.

Jack headed out of the school and looked ar poo und before he started to walk, son what quickly to the sidewalk. In the process one of the guys on the swim team purposefully bumped into him, making him trip and drop his bag on the ground, spilling his books and papers on the ground also. He took a deep breath and began to clean up the stuff that had fallen on the ground.

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Moe  | 611 comments ...

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 468 comments ((*Twiddles fingers*))

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Moe  | 611 comments ((I dont Know if he is going to post. Reminded him but i dont know if he saw it.))

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 468 comments He's been posting on request things. O.O

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Moe  | 611 comments Yeah i have no idea

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 468 comments Me neither.

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Moe  | 611 comments Its your post

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