The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #1) The Lightning Thief discussion

Which is your favourite book in the PJO series?

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Pragati For me it would be The Titan's Curse. It's much more darker and mature than the 1st two books and I just loved Thalia and Zoe's characters. They were such a great addition to the book.

Emily My favourite was Titan's Curse as well! Nico and Thalia are some of my favourite characters, and I loved how involved Thalia was in this book. Also the dam café! I thought that the death of characters showed that the series was maturing, and also with the character development.

Megan I did love the dam snack bar, but I think my favorite was the Last Olympian because Hestia is my favorite olympian by a lot, and because of the great percabeth moment at the end in the canoe lake :) <3

Elise Rasmussen mine would be the Last Olympian.

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