Turning Angel (Penn Cage #2) Turning Angel question

inappropriate characterzations
Pam Pam Jan 28, 2015 08:44AM
This book while written well spends a lot of time insulting our youth, blacks and Asia population. Also the amount of murders seems obsessive and Penn's ability to have enough strength to carry on even though hurt himself is unrealistic. Does anyone else feel the same way?

I'm not sure Iles is really insulting anyone. He grew up in Natchez and likely experienced people and places like those he writes about. He likely encountered people with those particular attitudes and prejudices, and is trying to present them honestly and realistically in the story. It doesn't mean he agrees with them, but-to me-not acknowledging that they exist would take something away from the plot.

As to Penn's endurance, adrenaline and family in danger can be highly motivating; there are lots of documented cases of people going beyond normal human endurance to save themselves or their loved ones.

Spoilers.... I so agree I could not believe how much I agree. How come the white doctor cheats on his wife and sends his pregnant under age girlfriend into danger to get illegal drugs for his wife, he then gets to be the executioner. The wife who is a drug addict who leaves the girl for dead gets away with it all but everyone else is evil.

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