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The Maze of Bones  (The 39 Clues, #1)
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Rick Riordan > The 39 Clues (The Maze Of Bones, Book One)

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Raegan   Ralls  | 1297 comments Have any of you guys read this book? What did you think?

I read it-not a fan of it.

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****Kelly***** | 116 comments One time i was in the library with my friend Nat in 3rd or 2nd grade and she bet me i couldn't finish it. Needless to say i went home and read the whole thing in 4 hours.

Ahhhhh........ My proudest moment :)

I thought it was OK and read the whole series! 1,2,3, were OK, 4,5,6,7 I HATED, and 8,9,10 WERE THE BEST!!!!!

It went down hill from there.

Raegan   Ralls  | 1297 comments Oh cool!

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****Kelly***** | 116 comments My little sister is reading it now and loves the ones i hate and the other way around!

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Amber Kestner (ambernmelanie) | 22 comments I own book one but haven't read it yet.

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