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Boring :(

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Fernanda I got so boring I still can´t finish it.

Deanna (A Novel Glimpse) This was probably my least favorite Nicholas Sparks book. It was okay, just not as good as his others.

Shas This book was Pretty.
Pretty BORING!

Really, I didnt dropped it for just two reasons: I started it and most of the time this week I was at the hospital and was the only thing i had with me. Plus after that i had read most of the book so i just finished it last night. MY GOD IT WAS SO OBVIOUS!. At first i liked the story and everything but later on it was like "I love you i haven't see you in so long" "Oh i love you too" (Proceed to make love and feel awful about it in the morning and run away like a coward later) The book had good parts, i cant lie, and wasnt entirely awful... but it is not my style. Too "dramatic", but actually it wasn't even dramatic!! I HAD READ DRAMA, LIKE VERY-REALISTIC-ASS-KICKING DRAMA... THIS WASN'T. plain and simple.

Im so disappointed that i dont want to watch the movie anymore. Is depressing. Is my first experience with Nicholas and one of my friends gave me "The notebook" for a present... Im thinking it twice.

Nikki I'm struggling with this book currently I'm having to force myself to keep ploughing on but yes I'm finding it very boring too, simply because it's quite predictable. This was the second book I've read by Nicholas I picked up this book in preparation of the movie that someone brought me for my birthday and now I'm thinking they probably hated me to make me torture myself like this! I'm not even sure if I'll be able to watch the movie after all this boringness.

Kaarah Personally I liked this book even though it was predictable the ending was great. The movie is very different so if you didn't like the book you should try the movie.

Nikki Oh I hope so I haven't finished the book yet so hopefully it redeems itself at some point lol. Don't get me wrong I'm enjoying the basis of the plot but the rest I'm finding a bit much.

Shas meeh... I dont know... maybe, possibly, perhaps :)

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