Shatter Me (Shatter Me, #1) Shatter Me question

Team Adam or Warner?

Kawther (last edited Mar 13, 2015 01:58PM ) Mar 13, 2015 06:04AM   2 votes
Warner!!! i'm so thrilled that everyone likes warner as much as i do !!! :D i never like Adamn
this is who i imagined him to be (warner)

Warner of course !

Joa (last edited Feb 28, 2015 10:27AM ) Feb 28, 2015 10:24AM   1 vote
Team Warner FOREVER!!

At first I liked Adam, but then he changed. So I'll go with Warner!

I agree. Warner is bae!

After the first book I slowly started to like Warner better because lets face Adam was kiinda annoying after the first book and Warner was just surprising I suppose.

Team Warner for life!!!!
Never liked Adam and I absolutely hated him in the last book.

NEVER LIKED ADAM. Warner is bae. I have a lot of people who I call bae but whatever.

I really don't know! Tbh I love both of them! As long as one survives in the end though! If I had to choose I would choose Adam because he just cares so much for her! Warner is sometimes really annoying!

Team Warner all the way!! They are so cute!!!

Warner all the way!

Team Warner, i liked Adam but f you read destroy me then its not even a question.

I love them both. lol :) I've red Destroy me, Warner is <3!!!, Currently reading Unravel me i love it. !! ;)

WARNER, WARNER, WARNER, WARNER. Warner forever and always.

Why is this a question? Warner all the way, people.

How can this even be a question? From the moment Warner's name first appeared on the page I was on his team. Adam is just...ugh.

Okay, I would have said Adam but then he...changed. So, yeah, Warner. But I really liked Adam and rooted for them for the longest but he just changed... Yeah, he changed for the worse - at least for the worst for Juliet.


I could not choose just one.I love them both(I only read the first book, okay?).

H Jan 30, 2015 06:04PM   0 votes
I liked Adam at first but then u meet Warner and u just melt. Even in the first book I liked him and wanted her to be with him. But everything ends well. WARNER ALL THE WAY! :)

Team Warner!!! I was into Warner from the beginning (even when he was kind of evil). I never liked Adam, mostly because of all the sappy lovey dovey crap in the middle and towards the end of the first book.

Team Warner!!
I liked Adam for the first book, but then when I read Fracture Me which was from his POV (Point of View) I couldn't stand him, and then it got worse when I read Ignite Me!!

Warner. Adam is so whiney.

Both but i definitely like Warner a bit more :)

Warner. is it even up for discussion? ;)


i think that the answer depends on which point in the series we're at. If we're still in 'Shatter Me' - then i'd have to say Adam, but once you get past the first book it's Warner 100%


Warner duh.

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