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Kaycie (kaycieo) | 9 comments There isn't topic started yet, so I thought I'd kick us off! Post any questions, comments, etc. in here!

How do you feel about Jace and Clary turning out to be siblings? Do you love it or hate it? Do you think it'll turn out to be true or later turn out to be a lie (look at the source after all)?

I for one do not like the turn of events. I do think it will turn out to be fake in the end, but I feel like it's going to change the dynamic of the book and maybe shift the focus even more from their romantic entanglement. I could totally be wrong though, but I hope I'm not.

Raquel (Rocki) (raquelgabrielle) | 10 comments I have read the whole series and when I first started the first two books I did not want to continue really because of that event. Then of course I had to go and spoil it for myself so that kept me reading after I found out.

IMO it just caused a lot of whiny drama.

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Kaycie (kaycieo) | 9 comments I'm looking forward to reading the next one, but I do feel like she either needs to have them be brother and sister and completely cut all romantic cords or have it come out as a lie fast. Obviously, the books are already written and from the descriptions of the books, she's going to drag it out. I'm hoping it won't ruin the books by being too big of a part.

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