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D.R. Merrill (dezmerrill) | 7 comments Mod
So, if you've either written a piece of conlang fiction, or know of one that others may enjoy, feel free to "plug" it here in the comments below!

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D.R. Merrill (dezmerrill) | 7 comments Mod
Lamikorda - science fiction novel featuring the conlang Kiitra, as well as the sketchlangs Baija, Konarai, Krishkarsha, Saakh and Alplai Sign Language.

message 3: by Lorinda (new)

Lorinda Taylor (termitewriter) | 2 comments Hi, I'm known around the web as TermiteWriter. Find me here on Goodreads as Lorinda J. Taylor. And see my science fiction/fantasy about my termite world at or on Smashwords One of my principal interests is the method we will use when we actually try to communicate with alien lifeforms. This forms a main subject of The Termite Queen.

message 4: by J.S. (new)

J.S. Bangs (jsbangs) | 1 comments J.S. Bangs I write conlang fiction, though my languages aren't (usually) the actual focus of the story. But you'll see snippets and cultural info from all sorts of constructed languages and cultures.

message 5: by Lorinda (new)

Lorinda Taylor (termitewriter) | 2 comments Btw, some of you might enjoy my book trailer, constructed by Chris Graham (The Story Reading Ape) You'll get an intriguing glimpse of what my books are all about.

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Anastasia aka Taurendil (theanastasia) | 1 comments Hey, you people here, or your acquaintances, are welcome to join my Quenya Learners group. The only requirement for members is to actually study the language. You may tell others about the group if you know someone who might be interested. Thank you!

Anastasia aka Taurendil (Tar-Cuilewendë)

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Conlangs! Constructed languages in literature

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