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Ipshita (miss_romanceaholic) | 4745 comments Mod
His eyes told her what his tongue could not.

Nineteen-year-old Onaiza Shahid is a loner and a dreamer, bookish and socially isolated. A chance ramble into a chatting software changes everything. The words of a stranger compel her. Addicted and falling fast, their secret love changes her life. But will the idealistic teenager get her happily ever after?

Please use Spoiler Tags if necessary.

message 2: by Ipshita (new)

Ipshita (miss_romanceaholic) | 4745 comments Mod

message 3: by Roseanne (new)

Roseanne Anyone read or reading this one? I have been debating whether or not to read it and was waiting to see what others think.

message 4: by Ipshita (new)

Ipshita (miss_romanceaholic) | 4745 comments Mod
I'll have to buy that book, maybe a few months later. I have a other books to finish at the moment.

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