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Jessica Folded Between the Pages of Books (jessilovesbooks) | 364 comments One of our February BOTM is Partials!

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message 2: by Karleigh (new)

Karleigh (karleighreads) I'm glad we have two going! I've already read red rising

Jessica Folded Between the Pages of Books (jessilovesbooks) | 364 comments I was going to do a run-off poll and then I thought, "why the hell not just have them both?" :)

I've already read Partials, but it's been a while. But I haven't read Red Rising yet.

Alison Morquecho (thebookishcamper) | 525 comments Awesome idea Jessica!!! I've been wanting to read red rising

message 5: by Tracei (new)

Tracei | 4 comments I have read neither so I'm very excited to get started and may do so early

Tavona | 10 comments Just started reading this yesterday and I am loving it so far.

Tavona | 10 comments Just finished reading this and I am on to the next one. There were some shocking mysteries revealed that not even the characters knew about.

message 8: by Ash (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ash d (ashd_) | 9 comments This book is great. I just finished the series today and [per the usual], I am SO SAD it's over!

I started the read with a little hesitancy...

I want so badly for this to be a first-person narrative! I'm particularly partial (no pun intended) to a main-character POV...


I finished The Maze Runner Series feeling like I had been in Thomas' head from the get... and considering this is another male writer...

I'm more than thrilled to point out that I've ended up with the glass half full. While my affinities for the first-person narrative remain in-tact, I was FAR from disappointed in the outcome. Dan Wells is a magician of the mind. Not to overdo it here, but, quite like Dostoevsky's 'Crime & Punishment,' I experienced a cathartic playback of my own emotions following the book (and the series) finish. Wells does an amazing job of 'putting' you inside his characters - hypnosis you don't become aware of until you've been hyper-cathected and digested by their very minds and mouths.

Partials, and the books that follow, [Fragments(#2) & Ruins(#3)], have an iron-clad and shockingly pertinent message. Questions of an almost allegorical nature...allusions of social commentary.... just plain makes ya think.

Highly recommend!

message 9: by Laura (acquariusgb) (last edited Feb 21, 2015 03:11AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Laura (acquariusgb) (acquariusgb) I finished the book yesterday. Being a Battlestar Galactica fan I wanted to see if the partials were similar to the cylons.
I really enjoyed the book, it's a easy reading with interesting developments.

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