Requiem (Delirium, #3) Requiem question

I don`t get the ending
Llama Senpai Llama Senpai Jan 26, 2015 06:09PM
I DON`T GET THE ENDING! SOMEONE HELP! I am alright with spoilers.

Well it basically ends implying things and nothing for certain. She MAY end up with Alex and the society May be OK but you don't actually know anything 100%. Personally I hated everything about the ending and was looking out for another book for a while and was extremely disappointed when I realized there was not going to be one.

Well, that's probably because there was no ending. Not really. The author likes to have open endings, but she's not very skilled at executing them. She simply stopped writing, assuming that people would imagine their own outcome.
So essentially, whatever you think happens, happens.
In my opinion it was completely stupid and lazy - a way to not actually have to resolve anything she started, but in the mind of the author, whatever you think happens, does. If you want her with Alex, she goes with Alex. If you want the rebellion to be successful, it is. Etc.

I know that it's all suppose to be symbolic and all that jazz but what was the point of having Grace come back? What happened with Hana? I just don't like how there is absolutely no revelations at all!

i think that it's pretty confidently implied that she ends up with Alex, the ending for julian and everyone else - that's debatable.

for me, i'm just honestly interested with the continuation for the others. i feel like hanna and the other supportings is still ambiguous

Lim Sue Qin Agreed. It was subtly hinted she will end up with Alex.

I think the point about the ending is that nothing is certain. However, looking at how everyon
Jan 27, 2015 07:36PM

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