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message 1: by Docxen (new)

Docxen | 159 comments What book or Series turned you into a book lover. Think mine was about 3rd or 4th grade i discovered the nancy drew series at the school library. Three strong female characters doing it their way. My favorite was beth...which is also the name of my fav character from little women.

message 2: by Wendy (new)

Wendy Cooper | 64 comments I find that interesting, Doc. I never really cared for Nancy Drew. You call it doing it their way, but I thought they were pushy and know-it-alls. Now the Hardy Boys was an entirely different thing! Read a couple of those, and some Little House on the Prairie. Didn't become a book lover until about 8th grade when I read, um, I'm ashamed to say, a romance novel. Got into those pretty seriously for a while. But No Harlequin! Those were so stupid to me!

message 3: by Docxen (new)

Docxen | 159 comments Hey nothing is a bad read if you enjoy it even tw...even twil...even the vampire romance book. Lol i wonder if we enjoyed the opposite sex books cause we were interested in the opposite sex? Hardy boys just didn't hold any interest to me.

message 4: by Rodney (new)

Rodney | 208 comments Mod
I think third grade I discovered the chronicles of narnia. I read the hardy bouts and other books. Sixth grade is when I really became a true book lover. I read the hobbit series. I was a Boy Scout and little known fact, there are a lot of d and d players in scouts. I devoured the novels from their fantasy worlds. Side note. I still have the first book I have I ever purchased with my own money. White Fang by jack London. Bought it a book fair at school. It has been with me for a long time and many different domiciles.

message 5: by Wendy (new)

Wendy Cooper | 64 comments Haha Doc, Hardy Boys were great, and then they were on tv played by Parker Stevens and Sean Cassidy and I was just over the moon! I seem to remember watching them on the Micky Mouse Club re-runs as well. They were in black and white and a bit younger. They were cool, but they were NOT Parker Stevens!

message 6: by Nicole (new)

Nicole  (co984life) | 115 comments Mod
Who would've thought Doc and I have something in common?! I would have to say Nancy Drew is what started my love of reading followed closely by The Hardy Boys. From there I would have to say I moved onto the Chronicles of Narnia and Sweet Valley High.

message 7: by Auli'i (new)

Auli'i | 4 comments When I was very little , early elementary, I would go to the library and find books about Greek mythology which lead to an entire series on folklore from around the world that I just loved. Then McDonalds had those abridged children's classics. That is the first time I read Black Beauty, The Three Musketeers and Little Women. I think I was in the third grade. In fourth though I discovered Madeline L'Engle and a Wrinkle In Time. That was it I was completely hooked.

message 8: by Docxen (new)

Docxen | 159 comments lol nicole another shocker one summer i was bored and my mom had got a lot of books at a yard sale...big collection of sweet valley high read a lot of those books. I would get so bored at home i read through my mom's encyclopedia.

message 9: by Keith (new)

Keith Wolters | 5 comments First books I remember I just HAD to read were the Encyclopedia Brown Boy Detective books. Oh and anything by Beverly Cleary.

Nicole - I loved Hardy Boys and Narnia as well.

message 10: by Jess (new)

Jess My dad read most of the Little House on the Prairie books to me when I was little and I loved that series and it drove me to want to read more on my own. I would pick up series here and there when I was younger, the the first big one I remember was Harry Potter, I was eight when it came out and I fell in love with the series.

message 11: by SciFiNow (new)

SciFiNow | 89 comments For me it started with the first harry potter book, everything before that was inconsequential. Shortly after that my mother brought home a big box of star wars books. From there it was all downhill, it started my EU obsession which led to so many many other books.

message 12: by Docxen (new)

Docxen | 159 comments oh yea keith encylodpedia brown was so good ever read Soup? by robert peck? or the great brain?

message 13: by Matt (new)

Matt | 150 comments I honestly don't remember which came first. The ones I remember reading as a kid are Boxcar Children, Animorphs, and the Young Jedi Knight books.

message 14: by Docxen (new)

Docxen | 159 comments boxcar and young jedi were awesome

message 15: by Keith (new)

Keith Wolters | 5 comments Docxen wrote: "oh yea keith encylodpedia brown was so good ever read Soup? by robert peck? or the great brain?"

Does not sound familiar, no.

message 16: by Michael (new)

Michael | 18 comments The James Herriot books. "All Creatures Great and Small" and the rest of them.

message 17: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer (jenlynn97) | 60 comments Little Women and then (sad to say) Dean Koontz, Christopher Pike (the Remember Me trilogy was awesome), LS Smith (Vampire Diaries, NOT the TV show), Stephen King's Dark Tower series, and then I just read everything I possibly could.

message 18: by Sarah (last edited Apr 17, 2015 09:00PM) (new)

Sarah | 11 comments It was the Babysitter's Club for me.... It was the 80's and I was into wholesome entertainment. I also baby sat a lot so I could relate:) Then in my teens I got into romance novels and didn't read anything else for the next 10 years lol. I love the Harry Potter series because it is so creative and well written. I also love the Guardians of Childhood series for its nostalgic charm and imagination.

message 19: by Emily (new)

Emily Dixon | 1 comments The first series that got me into reading was The Great Brain, by John D. Fitzgerald. I had a teacher that would read them aloud and we started to notice some trends in the habits of the main characters. And at 8-9 years old, and growing up in the Bible belt, it felt a bit rebellious when she would let us all say along with her: "Heck no!"

message 20: by Nathan (new)

Nathan | 34 comments I love the Great Brain series! I don't remember what books got me into reading. I can't remember ever not being a reader.

message 21: by Docxen (new)

Docxen | 159 comments oh the great brain books were awesome

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