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WOULD YOU RATHER be a muggle or a squib?
Anna Anna (last edited Jan 29, 2015 12:10PM ) Jan 26, 2015 01:48PM
Either way means that you can't perform magic yourself so out of curiosity which one would you rather be?
I think I would have to stick to my ordinary muggle life in case being a squib would make me all bitter like Filch!
What would you rather be?
PS: If anyone would rather be a squib PLEASE say because everyone I know says muggle so I'd be interested if someone out there chose squib!!

Muggle. If you are a squib it's hard because you know about the Wizarding World, but can't be a part of it.

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I'd like to be a muggle who was exposed to the world of magic. Being a squib seems to be a heavy load to bear, but I'd still want to see magic.

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Anna Yes!! That would be perfect!
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Anastasia Caamaño Yass!!
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Squid! it might seem weird but you can still visit magical places and know about the world plus your family around you would have magic! that would be so cool. It might get lonely but it would be so worth it! just to own an owl and get to go to Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade and you could own your very one pygm puff!!!! Plus you would have access to enchanted or pre magical things!! So it would be so cool! Sad, sometimes but awesome none the less! :)

I think I would rather be a Squib because then I could still visit magical places and everything, even though I wouldn't be able to do magic myself.

I would rather be a muggle. If you were a squib then you would probably be bitter that you weren't magical, and I wouldn't want that.


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