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A (louboutin) | 19 comments Does anyone know of any BRs where the H has loved heroine for a while and is obsessed with her? A lot of BRs have the story as H and h meeting for the first time as enemy's or H taking h for revenge and then coming to like her as story progresses

I just feel like a BR where Hero has wanted heroine for a long time and is infatuated like This Other Eden by Marilyn Harris

Stalkerish heros would work well here!

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A (louboutin) | 19 comments Kerrie wrote: "One of the "heroes" (because I don't think the author could decide on one) in Amber Fire by Elaine Barbieri was a true stalkerish bag chock full o' nuts. If you can stand an epic MarySue for a her..."

Looks perfect, thank you!

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