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Brian Sheehan In the book Perks of Being a Wallflower, there are three main characters. They are three teens that don’t exactly fit in. They’re names are Sam, Patrick, and Charlie. This book is told from Charlie’s point of view. All three teens face their own personal problems. One the memory of being molested, another being a gay relationship, and Charlie’s being a little bit more then you’d think. . Charlie must battle his own depression throughout the books. Throughout the book he has a hard time with that. One point where things start picking up is when Charlie meets Sam and Patrick, step siblings, for the first time and go to Charlie’s first party. At this part someone gets Charlie baked. Another point would be when Charlie gets involved in a fight with Patrick and brad. You’ll have to read to find out about the fight but Charlie stepping in caused his friends to talk to him after they haven’t been speaking. As Charlie gains his friends back, he emotionally becomes more stable.

I really liked how very descriptive Charlie describes everything. Like when he described the house of the party he went to. I also like that I feel like I have a connection to Charlie because in some ways we relate and we share the same birthday. It mentions this date throughout the book because it holds a very key event in Charlie’s past that is a big part in the story. Lastly in kind of didn’t like how much Charlie talked about the books he read and other random things he’d mention. At the same time it adds good character to him. I strongly recommend this book because it is a nice easy read and is a very catching book. Meaning that this book will get you intrigued. Personally I love these kinds of books, but who wouldn’t. You should give it a try.

Caroline Hansen I don't think I could agree with you more. I love the way that these 3 people who doesn't fit in the "normal" life of teens have such a strong relationship to each other.
I think that when you read about them alone they can seem a bit "weird" but then when they're all together, it suddenly seems like they're living a "normal" life again - as if no one would give them a weird look.

I also love the way that the author by that tells the readers that may stand out, that popularity isn't important. It is friends and love that matters.

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