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Last One to Post is a Winner!

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message 1: by Carlo (new) - added it

Carlo Wong I win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Neolavender123 nope, I win XD

Neolavender123 wait, is there any time limit?

message 4: by Wesley (new) - added it

Wesley Campbell I WIN NOT ANY OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Neolavender123 Lol sorry to disappoint XD

Sassy hahah LOL all of u, this competition is gonna go on forever and no-one will win, not even me.

Neolavender123 You got that right

Neolavender123 Nuh uh hahaha

Sassy hey wait up! I win LOL

Neolavender123 Wrong again

Sassy sorry to dissapoint

Neolavender123 this will never end...........

Neolavender123 maybe that's the purpose of the thread? so that everyone will have a reason to post more: to win.

Neolavender123 Just like what i did

Neolavender123 me neither

Neolavender123 Well, I have something to do, but not 'something' enough that I still got the time to do pointless stuff like this XD

Neolavender123 I do. But I'm procrastinating them ._.

Neolavender123 Yes, oh.

Ashli Barrera Haha I win

Ashli Barrera Yep

Ashli Barrera YEP!!!!!

Neolavender123 I hereby raise a white flag for the period of 7 hours because I have to attend class...

May fate unite us later.

Ashli Barrera I have to go to sleep so I win for the day.

Ashli Barrera Still on but really need to sleep. I WIN!!!

Ashli Barrera I need to sleep and was about to but then my friend messegned and you thought you were gonna win... so... yeah.

Ashli Barrera And it's not really that late

Ashli Barrera Haha. Where do you live. It's like 9:58 over here.

Ashli Barrera Wooooow. So not the answer I was expecting. Louisiana

Ashli Barrera :)

Ashli Barrera I'm 12 and in 7th grade

Ashli Barrera U?

Ashli Barrera Fine,whatever,be that way... *sighs dramatically*

Ashli Barrera I got that but I was being sarcastic because you said you were bored.

Ashli Barrera Yeah it's kind of hard to tell on screen

Ashli Barrera Yep it makes all the difference in the world

Ashli Barrera :)

Ashli Barrera But I win

Ashli Barrera Wow.that's all I can say

Ashli Barrera No more I win

Ashli Barrera STOP IT!!! I can't go to sleep unless I win and once I fall asleep you're just gonna post anyways.>:(

*sarcastically mad*

Ashli Barrera >:(

You suck,you know that

Ashli Barrera You know what and then bite and swallow.


Ashli Barrera Really.of course I know but it would have been hilarious to see your face. I grew and am growing up with 4 brothers so I have a very perverted mind.

Ashli Barrera Okay I'm actually gonna go to sleep now. Night

Neolavender123 I have come back to this battlefield.

Ashli Barrera So have I but now I need to delay for 7 hours.

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