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Hi guys! This is where I will write lot ideas. They'll probably be pretty lose and defiantly flexible. If they are like one that you made, then we can role play together!!! I did not steal your idea, I just would have had a similar one.

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1x1 The Dark Lady
This would be a Harry Potter based role play. We each would make characters and choose a house, different ones would be preferable, and have to fight off a new Dark Lord, but this time... A Lady. I would have a sassy Ravenclaw girl who is this Dark Lady half sister. More to come on this...

1x1(x1?) Romans & Greeks
A Percy Jackson role play! We would each make a character of the Big Three. It would be awesome if one of us did a Roman and the other a Greek. This is just a baby idea right now.

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1x1 Sinfully Divine
The classic good girl gets the bad boy. This girl goes to church every weekend, never had a boyfriend in her life, and is in for a shock. She gets a new next door neighbor, who happens to be the cutest guy she had ever set eyes on. Except, as soon as her mother sets eyes on this guy, she does not like him-at all. And when she meets him, she tells her daughter that she is forbidden to ever even talk to the guy. This girl has been having a hard time in her life as her father started seeing somebody and left her mom, and have just feels alone. Then she actually talks to him...

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Science Fiction

1x1x? Fallen
These characters would all have specific, unique powers. They could have been born with it, genetically tested, or whatever you all decide. Mine would be a girl who was genetically engineered/tested and has wings. (Yes, kind of like Maximum Ride) All of these characters would have ran away from the life they were living before, good or bad, and end up meeting each other... I'm not sure how yet.

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Julia Reserved.

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Julia Reserved.

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dany (elothwen) Can you put trigger warnings on your plots and threads? You're really throwing around rape lightly...

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Julia Oh my gosh, yep... Sorry. Didn't think of that. I'll just delete that one so someone doesn't accidentally read it.

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