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message 1: by Δ|вσω (last edited Mar 02, 2015 01:06PM) (new)

Δ|вσω  | 103 comments Mod

On this ship some very important people could be find. To claim one
of these people simply claim them below. The true names of these
key people on the RMS Titanic and their real appearance is shown.
Please, use the real names, and if you are not using their real
appearance find someone that looks relatively close. For example,
The Titanic movie included several of these people, so a good idea
may be to use those actors or actresses.

The Captain
( Claimed by )
His True Name: Captain Edward J. Smith / His Real Appearance:
(view spoiler)

The Richest Man
( Claimed by )
His True Name: John Jacob Astor / His Real Appearance:
(view spoiler)
( John Astors wife, Madeleine Astor, is claimed by Eмρrєѕѕ Aηgєℓ
σƒ Gαℓαχιєѕ Bєуση∂ Gαℓαχιєѕ )

Famous Titanic Passenger
( Claimed by )
His True Name: Benjamin Guggenheim / His True Appearance:
(view spoiler)


message 2: by Angel (new)

Angel (angelyh) What was special about Ben Guggenheim? Is it alright if I make Astor's wife?

message 3: by Δ|вσω (new)

Δ|вσω  | 103 comments Mod
He was a well known for being a business man, and sure you can have Astor's wife!

message 4: by Angel (new)

Angel (angelyh) Thanks! Yay! Anything I need to follow for her, besides name and age?

message 5: by Δ|вσω (new)

Δ|вσω  | 103 comments Mod
Not really, just make sure it makes sense with her actual life :D

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