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Everything Marie (everythingmarie) ***Authors***
It's that time again!! I am currently finishing up reviews for January and I am officially announcing that we are now open to review requests! We review all types of romance, YA, NA, and paranormal. If you'd like to submit a review request, please contact us or submit your request to Http://

Honest Reviews will be completed by order of received and will be posted on the blog, amazon, and goodreads.

Thank you!!!

message 2: by Lisa Kay, Moderator (new)

Lisa Kay (lisakayalicemaria) | 20797 comments Thanks for the info, Everything.

message 3: by Paula (new)

Paula Moss (goodreadscompaulacmoss) | 5 comments Hi Tiffany,
Would you review my debut novel? The Widow's Tale (Swords, Saints & Sinners, #1) by Paula C. Moss
It's free today on Amazon or I can send mobi copy
details on

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