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Kitty G Books (kool_kat_kitty) | 671 comments Mod
This is the end of the book so congratulations for reading this with us! Yay!
Let us know what you thought of it, who was your favourite character? Will you keep on reading the series? What didn't you like? What would you rate it?
Thanks for reading, here you can discuss all your booky thoughts (for this book ofc!)

Kitty G Books (kool_kat_kitty) | 671 comments Mod
I just loved this book. It's so well written and I'm intrigued about the ending too because I initially assumed it would end after the siege was over and that was not the case as we had a kind of round off and set up for the end of book 1 and start of book 2.

I really appreciated this book. I think it's one of the most well written books of it's type because despite the multitude of characters each is individual and easy to pick out quite quickly.
I felt that over the course of the story we saw some excellent points of view, and developed alongside many of the characters in the book too.
I have to say that Amicia, The Red Knight, Michael, the Abbess and Harmodius were probably my favourites in the book because they were all so interesting and I enjoyed learning about them. I also liked seeing Thorn and Peter who were on the other side of things and the King and Queen's POVs were also engaging.

I haven't commented for a little while so I'm not sure how much detail to go into but we have learned a fair bit about the Red Knight, Gabriel, by this point and yet there's still more to come for sure. He's actually a bastard who is the King's sister's bastard child. His father is unknown to us at the moment but he believes it to be some abomination of the Wild (I wonder which creature) which allows him to tap into the powers of the Wild. His eyes glow as he is enraged or filled with emotion and power. He's a good man, and great leader for his men. He's inspirational, unpredictable, and very powerful. He's in love, yet he let Amicia go when she wanted to. He's off on a new adventure to save the Emperor (where did that bombshell come from and I have no doubt this will feature largely in book 2!) And he's a great character.

Moving on to Amicia, she's an outwaller. She's meant for great things and is better than all the others somehow (maybe her power? as she too draws on the powers of the Wild it seems?). She's also in love with Gabriel, yet she has taken her vigil and vows and she's planning to be a Nun. She's an excellent healer and is essential to the effort in the battle. She's a bit of an enigma to me, but in a good way.

Michael was a really sweet character and I was really happy when he was Knighted at the end of this book and he told his father he would be marrying Kaitlin. I was so worried about their 'happy ending' being ruined but for now it seems like it could all work out! He keeps a diary and updates us on his thoughts of the battle (interesting to see but still not necessarily explained as to why it was essential, maybe just extra detail). He's a brave and loyal Squire and fighter.

The Abbess is one I really liked straight away and this only grew over he course of the book so I am sad she has died! I loved her banter with Gabriel in the book and the way she dangled Amicia only to taunt him and tease was kind of funny in it's own way. We get the big reveal that not only was she the lover of Thorn (the big bad super evil guy) but she was also the King's father's lover AT THE SAME TIME and she knew Harmodius! Seems that she had a pretty exciting life before becoming a Nun. She's also a very powerful mage and helps a lot with the defence of the Nunnery before being killed by the Priest guy (twat!) I wonder if she will be talked about and remembered in the next book somehow, I think I'd still love to hear more about her, but overall her story was really great!

Harmodius next was one of the more intriguing as I liked him for his magic and discoveries at first and then he started to take an active role in everything and it was wonderful! I loved seeing him work out about the two types of power and how even if you draw from one, you probably can draw from the other type too if you're strong enough and know how to. I think his lessons about how to use magic, how to shut off emotions, how to taunt and cheat the enemy and finally his death and rebirth inside of Gabriel was all great. I am so happy that he's not dead and that he can still share all of his awesome knowledge with us and Gabriel in the coming books because I feel like there's so much more we can learn from him. It's ironic that he did what he felt was wrong when he'd seen Prudentia before in the end, but I am glad he did.

I loved the King and Queen and the fact that they are both genuinely in love and genuinely looking out for their Kingdom. I liked learning about their efforts for support (although they were in the nick of time!) and I would like to see more of them in the next book for sure as again I feel like we can learn a lot more from them.

Peter and his obsession with cooking and integration into the Sossag were really great to see. I liked seeing how the different parts of the Wild constantly changed if they would or would not side with Thorn and how this threw his plans awry. I think Peter and the Sossag could definitely be a good thing to see more of, and I wonder if he will rise to a more prominent position later on. I liked that they named him life giver (or something like that) and the Ota Qwan is life taker as that's an interesting alliance and contrast.

Thorn and his allies were certainly interesting and I do think he'll be back for sure! Can't wait to see how and what his new plan will be as he's a pretty bad-ass bad-guy!

I liked the apperance of Jean's Angel and when Jean went against him he still came and healed everyone which I think was purely a strategic move, but really helped them win the battle. The Angel being a great force of the Wild is good to know, and the fact that Thorn is scared of him is something I would love to know more about as he only seems to be influencing Jean directly at the moment.

I also look forward to the Red Knight vs Jean De Vrailly fight which I have no doubt will happen now they have had their dispute in the King's presence and I wonder what will happen if Jean really does decide to become King somehow - I thought his imitation of the King and saving him was a great and brilliantly noble gesture which, even though it was for his own glory, endeared him to me a bit more.

I liked seeing the Hermatical magic and the powers of the Wild combined with the Religion. All of these elements were really intriguing and interesting to me across the read and they are always things I feel flesh out the world and help make me engaged.

The Wyrm and meeting the Wyrm was really cool. I loved that it took 10 counts for the mass to go over them and that was such a vivid image of scale in my mind. I think that what they learned with the Wyrm will certainly come into play again and I want to see what all of it means as some was fairly cryptic.

Overall I really enjoyed this book and I think the series will definitely be one I can't wait to continue on with at some point very soon (I believe book 3 is out fairly soon, and I have book 2 at the ready). I would give this a 4.5* rating and I really, really enjoyed it!

I'm sure there's a load I have forgotten, but I'll just gush for ages otherwise so I will wait to see what you guys think of the ending etc too :)

Dale Nevin | 20 comments A bit behind but finally through this one.

Thought this book was awesome and I would give it 4.5 as well.

I thought the writing was great. Love how it changes perspectives from character to character even just for a paragraph, especially in some of the battle scenes. I thought this helped make what was happening a lot clearer.

The magic system was brilliant. Pretty simple and explained really well but still a lot of mystery to be solved around it as some of the characters learn more.

So many great characters. Favorites include Harmodious, Captain (The Red Knight), Sauce, and Bad Tom

Really liked how the siege ended about 3 chapters from the end and then we get a bit of a lead up to book 2 which I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into.

Kitty G Books (kool_kat_kitty) | 671 comments Mod
Agreed! :) I'm so glad you also enjoyed it and no worries finishing it a little late (I did too).

I am really excited to move onto book 2 (although no idea when I plan to do that) and I look forward to seeing book 3 being released and the rest of this series as it's for sure a series I love and will be going on with whenever the next ones come out.

I agree about the battle scenes and that technique making everything a lot easier to comprehend, and I also really liked the slight intro into what may be coming up n book 2 as I didn't expect it but it was a great hook and made me want to read on straight away.

Even a few days later this book is still in my mind strongly and I can't wait to go on with it :)

D.H. | 7 comments I really, really loved this book, too. The main reasons are the excellent writing style, the author’s apparent knowledge of all things medieval, especially armour and war, and fantastic, believable characters. I think this book was a breath of fresh air among many mediocre fantasy novels out there.

There are so many other things I could mention that I liked.
I loved the blend of alternative history with countries that are familiar to us, and fantasy.

The way the author structured the story was ingenious at times. It made the story very vivid.

My favorite character was the Red Knight. I like characters that are full of contrasts. He pretends to be tough and hard and distant, but then he cries in front of everybody numerous times without caring that others see it. He often pretends he doesn't care what other think of him, yet he craves the respect and even love of his men and others. He likes it when people admire him. He is arrogant, sure of his abilities as a captain, yet has many doubts and takes the blame upon himself if something goes wrong. He is a grown man ready to do the right thing, wise beyond his years, but then he is a boy with a vulnerable heart. He tries to rid himself of all the demons of his past, yet thinks about all those bad things constantly. He is afraid of everything, yet bravely conquers that fear every time and fights.
And like Kaitlin said, he is just a good, honorable man, but he has his weaknesses. Like when for a second, he thought about taking the Queen’s power, but then he thinks to himself “Vade retro”, shakes it off and heals her. I just like characters that are flawed, but who are ultimately good.

I also liked

-the Abbess (I agree, it was sad that she died! I knew Father Henry was up to no good from the start)

-Amicia (She genuinely cares about all people and wants them to be fine and happy. I think her background as an Outwaller combined with her powers and the hints that the Abbess and others dropped about her being greater than most of them, is interesting. I’m also still kind of hoping for a happy end with the captain)

-Michael (I’m glad he got his happy ending. He is a knight now, about to marry Kaitlin, who is pregnant, and he even sort of reconciled with his father, who gave his blessing. So at least for one person, things look great as of now)

-Gawin (along with Gabriel, I quickly forgave him. Truly regretting treating his brother badly and blaming himself for his death so much that he went to fight the Wild, always trying to do the right thing to gain his honor back, to deserve being called a knight again, I can’t help but like him. He is a brave fighter. I hope for more brother-bonding moments in the rest of the series. Also, I hope for further family reunions. Especially with their terrible mother.

-Sauce (who deserves her name). Gotta love a female knight. I liked how she cried when Gabriel knighted her. But she deserves it. I also like her banter with Bad Tom. The only thing I did not like was at the very end when she sort of offers Gabriel sex because he is sad after Amicia took her vows. That kind of did not sit well with me. But I still like her)

-Bad Tom (Big guy, always wanting to fight and kill, speaks rudely and doesn't have the finest manners, but you have to like his honesty. I like his relationship with the captain.

-Mag the seamstress (I like her hanging out with the guys near the end of the book, playing cards, joking. She is going to be interesting, I think. It is hinted how powerful she is, despite never having had any kind of training at all)

-Harmodius (I think wad he did was interesting as well. And like you said, he criticized Gabriel for Prudentia immensely. I hope Gabriel won’t have any difficulties because of that, if it is indeed something that is forbidden or at least frowned upon in Alba. We got a hint at how things could get out of control when he took over Gabriel’s body and played the harp. Also the Wyrm warned Gabriel that Harmodius might demand control one day. I wonder how this situation will end.

I’m sure I forget other characters that were interesting right now, but on to other things.

I also liked the way the author gives us little clues about Gabriel's past and identity. I really enjoyed finding out more and more about him and I do have a theory who his father is.
(view spoiler)

If there is one thing I HAVE TO criticize, it’s the many, many POVs. Though I have to admit that I found most of them interesting. There are maybe two or three that might have been cut, but all in all I enjoyed them.
I’m sidetracking a bit now, but I read that there will be less and less POVs as the story progresses and the reason the author gives for that is quite interesting. I read it in Miles’ forum at hippeis.com where people speculated that he intends to kill characters off, or that the storylines will come together, the people will get closer and hence less need for so many POVs, but Miles answered that it’s actually because of a “philosophical/Hermetical truth--the quantum physics of my version of hermeticis”. And he explains that “as more powers become entangled in the event time stream, the less freedom it has and the more 'fated' it is...I think as a writer that fewer and fewer POVs from more and more powerful characters will reflect this apparent loss of free will.”
I just thought that would be interesting to share.

Like you, I also liked the glimpse we got into book 2. I think an emperor taken hostage sounds interesting and is very different from a siege.

I also liked the humor, sarcasm and wit of some of the characters. (Thank God this is a place to discuss all of our thoughts instead of a coherent review, as this has no structure at all. But that just proves how much I liked it, as my thoughts are all over the place).

One other thing I liked was that (except for Father Henry) the nuns, the prior, the Abbess, as religious as they are, are not fanatics, as often is the case in books. Typically religious people are portrayed as heartless and mean, who sit on a high horse and wrinkle their noses at everyone who lives differently. Which is one of the reason I liked Gabriel from the start, who is not religious and has no problem letting people know it. True, they don’t like Gabriel’s blasphemous statements, but they don’t light torches to burn him, either. But what I mean with this point is especially the way the Abbess or sister Miriam (the new Abbess) reacted to a possible relationship between Amicia and Gabriel. Instead of calling her names, despising her, pointing at her, they simply say that she needs to decide for herself, which surprised me. I expected the other nuns to point at her and call her a whore or something, which usually happens in those types of situations. They do say that she is not for him, but they don’t treat Gabriel or Amicia disrespectfully. They just state their honest opinion, but acknowledge that they must decide for themselves.

So, after so much praise, it is needless to say that I gave this book 5 stars. ;-) Like Kaitlin, I found myself thinking about the book and the Red Knight even days after finishing it.

Kitty G Books (kool_kat_kitty) | 671 comments Mod
So glad you liked it too D .H and I can't wait to read the next one soon. Not sure when but I look forward to it.

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